While there are many different forms of meditation, Buddhism offers one entrance into this ancient spiritual discipline. Who We AreSerlingpa Buddhist Meditation Center in Portland Maine offers a relaxed, welcoming setting in which to explore ways to develop wisdom and cultivate peaceful states of mind. Weekly classes are taught by Clare Morin, a senior Kadampa meditator who is highly skilled at presenting Buddhist teachings in a down to earth, practical and inspiring way. The Resident Teacher of Serlingpa Meditation Center is Kyle Davis, a Kadampa Buddhist teacher who regularly visits Portland to hold special day courses & workshops. Our drop-in meditation classes offer introductory teachings on a wide range of spiritual topics. Explore ways to create inner and outer peace through learning about, meditating on, and putting into practice a variety of Buddha’s teachings. You will leave class with a practical methods for applying what you have learned to improve the quality of your daily life and to bring benefit to everyone you encounter.
For those who wish to deepen their study of Buddha’s teachings, we hold a Maine Study Group.

Please check out our calendar for more information about these classes and our monthly group prayer sessions.
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Kyle is well known for his practicality, warmth, and clarity.  He has been practicing Buddhism and meditation for many years. Each class emphasizes ways to take Buddha’s teachings as personal advice that can be put into practice in daily life.
Teachings are presented in a clear and easily accessible manner, and meditations are guided so that both beginner and experienced meditators can appreciate the benefits of meditation. We join the Foundation Program in New Bedford as correspondence students and are emailed recordings of the teachings every week.

A typical class includes guided meditations, a teaching, discussion, and question and answer. Through 182 pages Ting Chen explains in details the best position of all the body parts and how to train for sitting in full lotus position. The first part of the book builds up the position for insight meditation which is also explained. Use the search function above to find our free PDF ebooks or use the category list to browse to books. This online library project is still under development and we are adding new e-books every day.

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