This is the most extensive national park of Thailand occupying an area of 2,915 square kilometers and still largely unexplored.
The area is also rich in flora and fauna and has an 18-level waterfall named Namtok Tho Thip. About 54 kilometers from the park office on the Sai Wang Won - Namtok Tho Thip route, there is a viewpoint affording magnificent views of misty mountains in the morning and suitable for bird and butterfly watching. Rafting along the Phetchaburi River takes some 6 hours, passing rapids and several smaller rivers. In Thailand Meditation Centers there are 2 types of meditation practiced, Vipassana and Samatha.
This Thailand meditation guide will try to outline the differences between Vipassana and Samatha meditation practice. Because of the close connection between Buddhism and meditation, we are often asked if meditation can be practiced by non Buddhists.

In reality, there are more similarities than differences between the two types of meditation. Whilst it is not essential to visit a meditation center in order to meditate, meaningful meditation can only be carried out in a quiet and peaceful place. Vipassana meditation is also known as Insight meditation and Samatha meditation is referred to as Concentration meditation.
The fundamental difference is that Samatha meditation trains the mind to focus on a single object whilst Vipassana meditation teaches the mind to become aware of and concentrate on whatever object or thought enters the mind.
In this modern world of television and mobile phones, this atmosphere may be difficult to create so many people, both Thai and non Thai, will frequently choose to go to one of the many meditation centers in Thailand for a day or two or in some cases up to one month. Concentration meditation was practiced long before Buddhism was established but Insight meditation is a Buddhist introduction. Vipassana meditation therefore includes concentration but takes meditation practice a bit further than Samatha meditation.

Meditation brings them a greater awareness in their normal lives and increases their wisdom in their thoughts, words and actions. It is said that the Lord Buddha achieved Nirvana after studying Vipassana meditation having found Samatha meditation unsatisfactory. Whilst meditation in Thailand is a common practice, it is only fairly recently that meditation has become popular in the West, perhaps because of the ever increasing stress of daily life and a new awareness for self understanding.
He also stated that Vipassana meditation was essential for those people wishing to reach Nirvana.

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