Each one has a special nature peculiar to himself which he must follow and through which he will find his way to freedom.
This entry was posted in Quotes and tagged Meditation Quotes, Quotes on meditation, Swami Vivekananda by Tommyji. In Buddhism, the mind is not considered an object, rather moments strung together in consciousness. Meditation is a means of getting to know our own minds; the Buddhist path is a process of discovery, the gradual uncovering of our true nature.
Many of the benefits of Buddhist meditation center on showing up in life, becoming present and developing a greater awareness.
Meditation teaches us to slow down and greet each moment as it comes, so we can awaken to the present moment. Meditation lightens our experience because as we open our minds and create space, the challenges and difficulties that seemed so threatening no longer seem as dire and creative solutions naturally arise. In every moment of every day we are making decisions and many of them, if not most, are made unconsciously.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of meditation, achieved through the cultivation of lovingkindness, forgiveness and compassion, is an expanded feeling of trust and friendliness towards all beings. And it’s out of this process of taking an honest look at ourselves, assessing where we are in our lives, this self-inquiry into whether we want or even desire change, out of which the benefits manifest.
When you are present, you will discover more joy and develop a greater appreciation for this moment and the people in it. In awakening to this moment, we open our minds and our hearts to our own experience and this presence naturally extends to those around us. As we practice meditation we begin create space between our thoughts, and with that space there grows an awareness which allows us the opportunity to ‘feel the body’.
By increasing our appreciation, gratitude and love, we begin to approach our experiences mindfully; meaning without judgment or aversion, and our hearts will begin to open.
The benefits of meditation are reflected in the transformation that takes place in all aspects of our life. The object of Buddhist meditation is training the mind in such a way that we can develop certain qualities, such as love, compassion, equanimity, forgiveness, appreciation, and kindness.

The body also benefits from meditation because as the mind relaxes so does the body, releasing and counterbalancing the negative effects of stress. When we feel balanced, we feel as if we are “in the flow,” we are focused, and the everyday activities take on a sense of joy. This is a process that helps deepen our awareness by tapping into our subconscious and our intuition.
This transformational process is natural but needs to be nurtured, in other words there needs to be consistence in practice. And being in this state of heightened focus and clarity, we experience enhanced perception and expression.
When there is genuine transformation, we will effectively contribute to building a kinder, wiser, more compassionate and peaceful world.

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