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Noticing, on purpose, experiences in the present moment, with an attitude of kindness and a spirit of curiosity.
Dan Harris, no kin to Sam above, is a famous ABC news anchor, and has just published his memoir to share with the world his journalistic and personal journey on the Mindful Path. Sam Harris, a well-known neuroscientist and religious skeptic, has written many books about morality and faith.

Its Great Teacher and its great teachings have been strongly integrated in the midst of those who believe. The feeling persists and you fully become aware that you’ve had that headache for almost a day now.
There’s only you and only you who need to commit and allot time of each day to become aware of your body and mind.
This recent publication takes the practice of Mindfulness into the realm of discovering consciousness itself. While ranked seventh among the Eight Paths, it does not relegate it to a level of less importance.
On a greater level, Right Mindfulness means the ability to recognize a sense of self – a state characterized by the absence of judgment and the categorization of things.

The frames of references above comes into play if, at the onset of the headache, you feel its pain (vedanasati), you recognize that it’s a headache (cittasati), and you know that it is affecting your thinking (dhammasati). It takes time to get yourself to focus, but the rewards are just like the teachings of Buddhism - it’s priceless.
A phenomenon in mindfulness training is what it is: it is dynamic, it is not perfect, and it is devoid of the ego.

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