Unbelievable strength in determination, I am still overwhelmed by how much this monk had committed himself to doing these daily postrations. This is proof that at this day and age, it is still possible to go all the way with our Buddhist practice. It's a very good idea to try out your new tattoo with temporary ink first before going under the needle.
A Tibetan Tattoo can be written in circles, horizontally, vertically or any other way your imagination can think of. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue.

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This immediately brings back memories of me reading about a similar result from Je Tsongkhapa who undertook many long retreats.
Not only his precision on his consistent devotion but also the fact that he had prayed the exact same spot for 20 years and not an inch apart. This gorgeous tattoo circle design means 'Temple of Palden Lhamo' or 'The Venerable Goddess Of The Temple' (A Tibetan Buddhist temple).Check it out here. During one intensive four-year tantric retreat, he performed 3,500,000 prostrations and 1,800,000 mandala offerings, underlining the importance of the preliminary practices.

I'm now so curious of what goes on in his mind as he executes those thousands of postrations, it would seem as though it had become routined. As a Buddhist,he wants to ensure he have a smooth transition to the next life.His follower is inspired by his incredible determination and devotion. Such inspirations from this great Buddha !Its very heartwarming to read about Hua Chi too, as his results is attained in this era despite he is 70 years old.

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