While exploring the area around Lockwood Valley Road in Ventura County with Lisa the previous month, we came across this Buddhist temple. Starry nights underneath the stupa at Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple and Meditation Retreat in the mountains of rural Ventura County, with this long exposure photo showing the movement of the stars around the North Star. Going for a walk on Rizo Trail in the hills above Pine Mountain Buddhist Retreat, overlooking the 45 acres of the temple and retreat, and the Ventura County wilderness beyond.
On the drive back up through Lockwood Valley, on the spur of the moment I decided I would drive up to the peak of Mt.
I went on a short hike through the snowy trail at the top of the mountain, stopping every so often to admire the amazing trees. I mean, did you know that orange peels will last for two years, potentially outlasting wool socks? I teach Business full time at the Nova Scotia Community College and part time at Dalhousie, Mount St.

According to Reverend Phoebe, some use the stupa for meditation, and the stupa area lights are oriented toward north, south, east, and west.
It gets cold here at night, and after the sun went down, it dropped to about 25 degrees Fahrenheit, below freezing.
I stayed at a Buddhist retreat and meditation retreat in the mountains in rural Ventura County and took some night photos. My original plan had been to take photos and then drive home, but sleeping over and waking up the next day to a beautiful morning certainly worked out better. Pinos is at about 8300 feet in elevation, about 2529 meters, so it's high up enough to get lots of snow.
I then blended in the last frame a bit more, light painting the Quan-Yin statue a bit while the last frame was being taken.
I was surprised at how much of the Milky Way was visible in winter with all the light pollution.

I did light paint the tall pine tree with a Streamlight LED flashlight but then decided it looked better without it and got rid of that frame. But it's an interesting experiment, and I'll share it with you even though ending with a bad photo is probably not a smart thing to do. But it's cool looking and I may mess around with this and really focus on getting this thing smooth instead of haphazardly doing it spontaneously as I did here. Anybody who lets someone in to take night photos, running around their property while waving a flashlight, must be really nice.

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