Pressure test circulation lines from pool to plant roomto ensure they are sound, before customer backfills. Particulars of building plots usually make reference to the type of planning permission that has been granted for the land in question. OPP is the abbreviation for Outline Planning Permission, a permission which indicates that the Local Planning Authority has agreed in principle to the building of a house.
This permission may have certain conditions or restrictions however and the documentation should be examined closely so that you are aware of exactly what is and what may be allowed to be built. DPP denotes Detailed Planning Permission indicating that detailed plans have already been submitted to and agreed by the Local Planning Authority for the erection of a specific type and size of house. The points below have been compiled to give you a better idea about the different types of planning permission, and how the whole planning permission process works. What turns the corner of a field, or part of somebody’s garden, into a building plot?
Outline planning permission grants approval on the principle that the land can be developed. Full planning permission rolls the outline and detailed stages together into one application. Outline planning permission is always conditional; in other words it will always be given with certain conditions that have to be satisfied.
Newer outline consents will only last for three years with the requirements that the application must be made within that period, and that work must commence on site within two years of the granting of the Approval of Reserved Matters. The weather is an important factor because if it is to warm or sunny the concrete could go hard to quickly and become unworkable, the easiest thing to do here is to get more man power to help. The Weather conditions while pouring strip foundations on our site were perfect not too COLD or HOT. On our site we have a very narrow lane adjoining the construction site, so all lorries coming to the site had to take a couple of attempts to enter the site.
2-3 experienced men would easily concrete most house foundations given enough time, but i recommend if you do not have any experienced help, 4-5 men should be enough to help with the concreting process. I would also recommend that if you are attempting to concrete your own strip foundations without any experienced men, that you hire an experienced builder for one day.

Again ordering extra concrete as already stated in Digging Strip Foundations this simple practice will save you a lot of trouble. You do not have to go and purchase or hire a metal screed you can use a simple piece of planed 4×2 timber.
Water is used if the concrete goes too hard to quick, you can sprinkle water on it to stop surface cracking. These will be used every time you pour concrete so invest in a good set of block laying trowels and floats to level concrete.
This can be used to place and set steel pins as level guides for the top of the concrete foundation or it can be used to place the concrete during  pouring of the strip foundations using a specially made timber staff. If ordering more than 1 lorry of concrete (generally 1 lorry = 8m3) always leave 1 hour between Lorries, this is to give enough time to level the concrete and vibrate, also if a concrete lorry is waiting around on your construction site more than 1 hour they will charge extra money. When pouring strip foundations concrete it is always important to have the concrete mixed, so that it is easy to shovel but not too wet or not too dry, this sounds like an awkward combination. If it is too dry it will be impossible to move and it will dry too quickly, resulting in cracks and a lot of unnecessary work. Always leave time between concrete Lorries to level concrete, vibrate concrete, and take a break. Use a metal rake to get the concrete to the desired height, when the concrete is at the desired height get the concrete lorry to move around your foundations. A rule of thumb used by most builders is that concrete is at 75% of its strength after 7 days, it is always advisable to try to pour the concrete in a strip foundation on a Friday morning; this will leave 3-4 days for the concrete to cure before you start laying blocks for the footings. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Here is an example of a spreadsheet to help you control the schedule in your self build house project.  If you would like to discuss this or you would like a copy then please contact us.
VAT on KitsWhen supplied and erected by Vision Development, timber frame kits for new homes are free of VAT. It can be obtained with a simple site plan, which could be nothing more than a copy of the Ordinance Survey map, with a red line drawn around the curtilage of the plot.
Up until the autumn of 2005, most consents were granted for five years, but since then most consents in England& Wales now last for only three years.

In which case, you might still want to proceed with the purchase, but with a condition on the contract of sale making it subject to receipt of satisfactory planning permission.
This is important because it does mean that if the application for the detailed consent runs past the original three year period and it fails, then the outline consent will be out of time and therefore no longer be valid. You must also be certain that if they involve third parties, the necessary legal agreements are in place to make certain that they can be satisfied. If the weather is to cold or wet the concrete lorries might not be able to driver onto the construction site. Also as stated in GROUND WORKS when marking out a house foundation always offset 3-4meters wider around where the house will be positioned, this allows access for all heavy machinery. Concrete pouring strip foundations has allot to do with moving the concrete efficiently to where the lorry cannot reach. The most important things to consider with a good screed is that it is straight and strong. If there is too long between the Lorries the concrete may not bond with the first pour and therefore leave a structural crack in your strip foundations (you don’t want this). Ask your designer to specify a concrete with a high “slump” say a slump of 75 or 100mm this will be a very workable concrete mix. It is vital if you are buying a plot, or any property that is subject to a planning consent, that you check out the dates first. Once again, the rule must be to check all dates carefully and if necessary, only agree to buy subject to receipt of satisfactory planning permission.
The best way to achieve this combination on site is to get the concrete lorry driver to dump out a small quantity of concrete in the foundation to sample it (try to push it around with the shovel). Without planning permission land simply can not be built on, so it does not make much sense to buy land without it.

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