Arts Festival: Enjoy parades, dance performances and more during the day, then watch the sun go down and DUMBO light up with projections at the Dumbo Arts Festival! Kid Approved: Take your kids, your neighbor’s kids, or just your inner kid to the Brooklyn Kite Festival on September 14th in Brooklyn Bridge Park! Cemetery: If you are interested in (not creeped out) by cemeteries, take a tour of the epic Evergreens Cemetery, which lies smack dab between Ridgewood and Bushwick. Hundreds of people packed an open, grassy space in Brooklyn, New York over the weekend for an event that has become synonymous with queer performance culture in this part of the metropolis: Bushwig. Despite the gloomy weather, people came out in droves to witness this incredible cultural moment for so many of the queer artists navigating Northern Brooklyn. One of the most significant moments came early on from drag icon Lady Bunny, founder of the legendary Wigstock festival that has shaped and informed the development of Bushwig.
While on stage, Bunny gave a Statue of Liberty-style torch to Horrorchata, co-founder of Bushwig, alongside Babes Trust, in a symbolic gesture of "passing on the torch" from Wigstock to Bushwig. Check out photos from the 2015 Bushwig festival below courtesy of photographer Santiago Felipe. The hour and 15 minute GoodFlow class has the perfect mix of muscle burning movement mixed with those yummy, centering yoga vibes. All sorts of indoor and outdoor art installations and performances will take place among the cobblestoned streets.

It doesn’t get much better than Lobstah Palooza at The Well on September 21, 3PM, $35-40. One of the best offerings this month is Charles Bradley and The Menahan Street Band, The Budos Band, Naomi Shelton & Gospel Queens, all performing sans cost at Williamsburg Park on September 20th. Founded in 1989, the festival attracts upwards of 50 garlic growers and tens of thousands of attendees annually, offering a plethora of varieties of garlic and culinary novelties like garlic-flavored ice cream, caramel and chocolate chip cookies, not to mention all of the other fresh produce and dishes that a breadbasket region like the Hudson Valley has to offer in peak harvest season.
We recommend making it a lunch date by grabbing a friend and sharing the $13 lunch feast for 2, which will leave you both stuffed in the best way.
Pink in its looks, green in the hints of fresh mint; beefeater gin and Campari have been found in true union under the blessings of lime and simple syrup. Not only does MATERIAL, a show curated by Liz Dimmit look pretty amazing, but the space is a big game changer for Bushwick art scene!
However, the rainwater had different plans for this feminist outdoor installation of flowers, vibrators and masturbation stalls.
Enough that there’s a disclaimer discouraging the easily offended and those with heart conditions from attending.
The two-day festival showcased over 150 performers from around the world -- a far departure from the 30 performers featured in the first Bushwig in 2012.
Brooklyn queens performed on the art space’s stage all day, and all attendees dressed in drag were admitted at a discounted rate.

Later in the evening, she was joined by special guests Jackie Dupree and DJ Sir Honey Davenport.
BGSQD finds a new home, Bushwig takes over Secret Project Robot, men of leather meet up for Onyx and much more. Hosted by the town of Saugerties, a small and walkable historic district about two hours north of NYC, the festival makes for a great day trip. Round-trip bus fare will set you back less than $50, and you’ll get to admire that famous catskill foliage in its prime on the way up and back. For the last kind-of-warm month of the year remember the summer in the outdoors tables of Heavy Woods by drinking their fantastic cocktail, the Kiss & Tell. Nyssa Frank and The Living Gallery gang are hosting the second annual Bushwick Fashion Weekend of local designers, performances and a whole lot of crazy on September 20-21 at The Living Gallery. Inspired by the famous Vito Acconci piece, Flower Garden is taking place in September at an empty lot on Harrison Pl (between Bogart St.

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