Description: Unimac pneumatic floor nail and staple gun Take to the floor with the ultimate partner Super-lightweight and powerful, the pneumatic Unimac Nail & Staple Gun will move in step with you, effortlessly driving 37-50mm nails and 25-50mm staples into both unfinished and pre-finished hardwood flooring at 48Nm.
This nailer stapler features a light weight alloy housing for less fatigue and job site durability.
And it's as easy on the floorboards as it is on your body, featuring a pre-finished floorboard adaptor foot for truly polished results. Industrial-standard hard-wearing design Powerful 48Nm driving force 60-100 PSI working pressure Save $$$ - never pay hire rates again!
This powerful staple gun is great for installing carpet, upholstery, roofing and attaching other general materials etc. Nail a well-paying job Holding 100 nails and 92 staples, your Unimac lets you work without interruptions, making for quick and profitable jobs.

Receive official approval A tried-and-tested product, your Unimac comes with a range of certificates that would make any OH&S rep nod with contentment, including CE, UL and Australian C-Tick stamps of approval. Adjusting to the varying thickness of flooring, your high-speed Unimac is the perfect tool for both unfinished and pre-finished hardwood floorboards.
And thanks to the Unimac's super-lightweight design and ergonomic extended handle, you can work effortlessly for hours on end.
Your Unimac takes 37-50mm nails and 25-50mm staples of 15.5 inch gauge, letting you choose what's just right for any groove-, tongue- or sub-flooring. Of course, your Unimac also comes with a protective adaptor foot for use on pre-finished floorboards, ensuring that you always can do a professional job without leaving any trace behind.
NEW UNIMAC Floor Nail Staple Gun Pneumatic Secret Flooring Gas Nailer StaplerSave $$ - Never Hire Again!

Include: One Heavy Duty Staple Gun + One Box (5000 PCs) of Galvanized Chisel Point Staples. And with this backup Li-ion battery for your trusted UNIMAC nail gun, you can rest assured that you will keep firing away.

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