Please note that all the submitted posts are moderated and it may take 3-5 business days for it to appear on the site. Victoria's Secret is the largest American retailer of lingerie, founded by Roy Raymond on June 12, 1977 with an operating income of $1 billion. Just as cake n' cuddles said, they are about the same quality and have about the same lasting power (not long).
I'm in in love with 3 Jacques----Jacques Guerlain, Jacques Polge, and Jacques Cavallier.
It is primarily known as a company that sells lingerie, woman's wear and beauty products through its stores, catalogs and website. Most are rather generic and after a while they all start to smell the same, but there are some that really stand out.

The only thing I would say about BBW is that they at least offer somewhat different styles - VS is almost all either sweet or fruity floral. I buy BBW candles and wallflowers to scent my home, but VS lotions and mists were my go-to staple in high school.
Victoria's Secret is wholly owned and the largest holding of publicly traded Limited Brands company. I picked a few up right when I was starting college and was disgusted with their lasting power, but I've been just as disgusted with BBW. I also prefer the scented lotions to the sprays, as I'm cursed with dry skin all year round, and they hold the scent fairly well (if not better than the mists). And if I like them they're usually gone in less than a year, so I try not to get attached.

My favorite notes from this company (same parent company) are their pear, coconut, plum, and grapefruit. I always buy a bottle of their bronzing lotion every spring and wear it year-round for a golden glow.

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