Last week, we discussed the offerings from Bandai, and the amazing toys and collectibles they brought forth this year. Now, its no surprise, that over the past decade and a half, one of the most popular Lego brands is also one of the most universally LOVED franchises the world over, STAR WARS! However, this is not the only glorious hunk of plastic to be revealed for the nostalgic Star Wars fan. But unlike the Dc comics or movies, Lego loves to relish in the sillier aspects of comics, tending to go for more fan favorite depictions of these iconic characters. Everything from a Giant Sized Ant, to an Avengers tower Playset, Lego knows what Marvel fans, and movie fans will love to see when they devise these movie licensed marvel kits. Michael Wilbon: Of course you have hair because you're part of the cartel even if you went to a small school that no one cares about, unlike my alma mater Northwestern. Michael Wilbon: That's what the NCAA wants you to do because they're a cartel run by a bunch of crooks! SEATTLE OFFENSE: I don't know what the Panthers were thinking when they decided that they didn't need to upgrade their defensive tackles this past offseason. While the wideouts were partly guilty of capsizing Seattle's offense, the main culprit was right tackle Breno Giacomini.
CAROLINA OFFENSE: It's strange that the Panthers' scoring attack is so much more fluid when Jonathan Stewart is in the game. Newton looked like he was back to normal last week, but that could be short-lived against Seattle's elite defense. Part of the reason Newton was so successful last week was because Carolina was able to run the ball so well versus Atlanta's 29th-ranked ground defense. RECAP: The Seahawks tend to struggle on the road, so that's the only reason this won't be a big play. FINAL THOUGHTS: Chris Gamble and Jon Beason aren't going to be in the lineup, but I'll keep this pick at two units.
Mafia: If you're a fan of playing Mafia, check out our Mafia section, where there's a History Mafia Game currently being set up.
Jacksonville won't be able to rattle Jay Cutler at all, which means he'll have all the time in the world to find his receivers downfield. The Jaguars haven't been able to stop the run either, ranking 21st in that department (4.4 YPC).
As the Bengals did last week, the Bears will put an extra man or two in the box to stop Maurice Jones-Drew. The Bears have a fantastic edge in the trenches with Henry Melton going up against guard Eben Britton. RECAP: I hate that the spread went up three points in Chicago's favor based on what happened Monday night. TENNESSEE OFFENSE: Jake Locker will not play in this game after suffering a separated shoulder during the second drive at Houston this past Sunday. Hasselbeck can't elude pass-rushers like Locker can, which will be problematic against a Minnesota defensive front that puts tons of pressure on the quarterback. Tennessee has surrendered at least 130 rushing yards to three of its four opponents, so that means Adrian Peterson will have a monstrous performance, right?
McCathy's forte is in pass coverage, however, which will be a big help to Tennessee's aerial defense. RECAP: The Vikings don't have the offense to consistently cover as a favorite of more than a field goal.
DENVER OFFENSE: I wrote it last week - it was kind of ridiculous that people were saying Peyton Manning was done because of his diminished arm strength. Of course, Oakland's banged-up secondary, featuring two injured cornerbacks, pitched in to that effort. Willis McGahee gashed the Raiders, but doesn't have a good matchup on paper this week, especially with center J.D. NEW ENGLAND OFFENSE: The Patriots seemingly found their mojo in the second half at Buffalo last week, scoring a whopping 45 points after intermission. Denver is ranked seventh versus the rush (3.5 YPC), so the Patriots won't be as successful in terms of running the ball even though Mankins is projected to be back. Containing Brady will be extremely difficult, as the Golden Boy has been incredibly sharp the past two weeks despite the loss of Aaron Hernandez. It's also worth noting that because the Broncos were blown out twice by the Patriots last year, the coaching staff may have spent some extra time this offseason devising a game plan to overcome New England.
FINAL THOUGHTS: Steve Gregory is out, but Tavon Wilson might actually be an upgrade at safety. BUFFALO OFFENSE: It's never good to be shorthanded offensively when going up against San Francisco's stalwart defense, but that's exactly what's happening for the Bills in this matchup. San Francisco has some issues in the back end of its defense - Donte Whitner is having a down year, while Carlos Rogers has regressed just a bit - but Fitzpatrick won't be able to take advantage of that because he'll either release the ball as quickly as possible or take sacks as defenders swarm his backfield.
I'd be concerned about the Bills performing well after putting everything they had into the New England game, but they're massive underdogs. I can't wait until we have a whole army of former GameCenter personalities harassing people on Facebook. Mathews may get more of an opportunity in this contest, but either way the Chargers figure to gash the Saints on the ground. NEW ORLEANS OFFENSE: While the Saints' defense struggled, their offense seemed a bit revitalized at Lambeau. The weakness of New Orleans' scoring attack, aside from Sean Payton's absence, is at the two tackle positions. Still though, I expect Brees to have his way with a San Diego secondary that has a couple of weaknesses. This week on Monday Night Football, we're going to have Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden calling the shots instead of the great preseason homers like Kevin Reilly and Don Tollefson, inept ESPN guys Emmitt and Matt Millen, annoying guys like Charles Davis and senile guys like Bob Greise. Reilly: I hate New York because they think they're as good as Philadelphia, but they're not. Home Shutout: Teams that were shut out at home are 21-10 ATS the following week since 2001.
Clan member of mine said the Chinese version of CoC has a name change service for our fellow clashers in China.
Do your part in improving the loot: Tell all new users and Android users to max collectors first so we can farm them. OT: I'm not sure if we are allowed to bring up a different keyboard when choosing our name.
I thought with the new keyboard support, they would at least let us type emojis for our name. And I'm farming these past few days and our clan is one of the best donation clans out there, so it's not rare to see people with close to 1k troops received by this time. Everyone knows and loves Lego, and it has gotten even more popular in the past year thanks to the Lego movie. So, Lego has decided to expand their Star Wars rebels line to include some familiar looking vehicles, characters, and play sets, from both the prequel and original trilogies. This set includes the T-16 fighter, a Tuskan Raider, Luke Skywalker as a pilot, and a single wamp-rat.
In addition to adding to the Star Wars line, Lego has decided to bring back one of their most popular long-running ORIGINAL franchises BACK from the depths of obscurity.
They all stand at an equal stature and parts count to the line’s main heroes, making for a competent and worth while opposing force to have for your favorite Bionicle heroes to face off against.
While i was not able to get any pictures for those I do have one last topic for your enjoyment, my readers.
Whether it be a silly purple suited Joker, or an orange and green Aquaman, You can always expect Lego to keep comic book characters the way they should be SILLY.

But even while marvel is forced to center kits around movie scenes and properties, Lego still finds a way to keep things fun for the Avengers. I've received mix reaction to this, so voice your opinion via e-mail or in the comment box below. He's no longer clutch; in fact, he often melts down in the fourth quarters of big matchups. The interior of Carolina's front is ridiculously weak against the run, ranking 31st in that department (5.2 YPC).
It's not even that he does his damage while running the ball; it's his presence in pass protection that really aids Cam Newton. The Seahawks have a tremendous secondary that can take away everything downfield, forcing Newton to scramble almost exclusively to pick up first downs. The offensive front actually kept Cutler clean Monday night, and as a consequence, he had his best performance of the season. No team is going to respect Jacksonville's aerial attack as long as Blaine Gabbert is scared to take shots downfield. Season 5, Episode 5 has been posted - Emmitt can't get his search warrant because replacement police officers are holding things up. Jared Allen praised Hasselbeck's ability to get rid of the ball quickly, which is exactly what the Titan backup will need to do because Kevin Williams has a tremendous edge over the anemic interior of Tennessee's front. Chris Johnson just had a nice performance, but that was merely a fluke because he picked up a chunk of his yardage when the Titans were way behind. The secondary looked completely helpless trying to stop Matt Schaub and his weapons, while Arian Foster had a pretty decent outing.
The Titans' stop unit will be better with McCarthy in the lineup, so this figures to be a defensive battle. The thing is Manning won't face much more resistance from the Patriots, who have surrendered 732 passing yards the past two weeks.
What's incredibly amazing is that they ran the ball so well despite missing stud guard Logan Mankins.
They won't be completely shut down in that facet, however, because the Broncos will be worrying about Tom Brady and his plethora of weapons too much for them to focus entirely on Ridley and Bolden.
The Broncos have Champ Bailey to take Brandon Lloyd away, but they still have to worry about Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski, who went nuts in last year's playoff victory. He's 14-4 against the spread as an underdog since 2003, and he's never been an underdog of more than 4.5 points in that span. The Patriots demolished the Broncos twice last season, so you better believe that John Fox spent a good chunk of the offseason trying to figure out how to slay them. First, I have hundreds of unused GameCenter comments saved up, so I have enough to survive for a few more years. Buffalo will be without two starting linemen, left tackle Cordy Glenn and right guard Kraig Urbik. The former option can work against pedestrian defenses, but dinking and dunking has no effect on elite stop units.
Both Mario Williams and Mark Anderson have been tremendous bust signings, as the only Bill who's consistently getting to the quarterback is Kyle Williams. This Buffalo team was demolished in its only trip to the West Coast under Chan Gailey, losing 37-10 at San Diego last year, so traveling across the country could be an issue for them.
My top survivor options are: 49ers, Giants, Texans (even though they're on the road) and Patriots. And then you have the 49ers, who could be looking ahead to playing the Giants, Seahawks and Cardinals. They sat back and watched as Jackie Battle stole a big chunk of the workload, including all of it inside the Kansas City 10-yard line.
Not like Rivers would need them; the Saints place absolutely no pressure on the quarterback, so Rivers will have all day to dissect a banged-up New Orleans secondary that desperately needs Johnny Patrick to recover from his knee injury.
Granted, they were playing a shaky Packer defense, but it's not like the Chargers are the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, or anything. Cornerback Antoine Cason is not playing well at all, while safety Atari Bigby continues to be a liability in coverage. Seriously - they're sitting pretty atop their division and they have a battle with their only worthy challenger, Denver, next week. Meanwhile, this game is largely irrelevant for the Chargers, who have to deal with Denver next week. Speaking of the national stage, the Texans are 1-3 against the spread on Monday Night Football. Another trend: Underdogs that just suffered a defeat of more than 28 points are 59-31 against the spread since 2002, excluding Week 17 games (for obvious reasons). And one final trend: Teams that were shut out at home the previous week are 21-10 against the spread since 2001.
I'm pretty confident based on what happened yesterday - more on that tomorrow morning - so I think the Jets are the right side. One of my personal favorite sets the showed off was the Star Wars episode VI Emporer’s throne-room set, which includes Luke, Vader, 2 imperial guards, and the Emporer himself, atop his mighty throne inside the Death Star Mk II. To pander to fans of the pre-quel trilogy, a new Droid tank, and Naboo speeder sets were revealed as smaller sized Lego vehicle kits, to fill out the quota for smaller scale collectors. Over the past 2 months we have been receiving rumor after rumor, teaser after teaser and trailer after trailer about the upcoming Marvel and DC film universes.
With the upcoming Ant-man, and Avengers AGE OF ULTRON films coming out, Lego has devised several play sets and kits based around these movies, and manages to make everything look phenomenal. You our pics are lost but isn’t here another way to get them from another member of your team? He then engineered numerous other fourth-quarter comebacks, including one to defeat the Panthers two years later to claim his second Lombardi trophy. He seems to really care about some games - especially those involving Tim Tebow - but then he's so lackadaisical in others. Though I may be a muggle, I've been reading about all of these spells, and I believe I have mastered them all.
Tom, before we let you go, can you teach me the levitation spell so I can get from one place to another without going on an airplane?
They've surrendered at least 117 rushing yards to every opponent they've faced this season. I'd like to say it gets easier, but it really doesn't, based on what Charles Johnson just did to Tyson Clabo in Atlanta. Meanwhile, the Panthers are coming off an emotional divisional loss and may not be ready to play a very physical game. However, unlike last week, there will be a limit of 220 contestants, so your odds of winning will increase. I'd expect more of the same even though Jacksonville has its starting secondary intact for only the second game all year.
Smith is expected to return after the team's bye, so Matt Forte and Michael Bush should be able to gash Jacksonville whenever Cutler's not connecting on long passes to Brandon Marshall.
Gabbert's too craven to play in this league, and it won't help that his deep threat, Laurent Robinson, is expected to miss this game with a concussion. The Vikings rank fifth in the NFL against ground attacks, limiting the opposition to 3.2 YPC.
The Titans will have stud inside linebacker Colin McCarthy in the lineup for the first time all season, so they'll be better in every department, including run support.
McCarthy will at least shore up Tennessee's issues with the underneath stuff, which is important in this matchup because Christian Ponder relies on Kyle Rudolph heavily, particularly on third down. Also, road underdogs coming off an away loss are good plays, and I don't like the fact that Minnesota is suddenly favored following two consecutive victories as an underdog.

He's still fully functional with those, and it would explain why he threw just eight incompletions against the Raiders.
New England's safety play has been really bad, while cornerback Devin McCourty has been guilty of shoddy tackling at times. However, the Patriots could be without stud rookie linebacker Dont'a Hightower, who injured his hamstring. Both Stevan Ridley and Brandon Bolden eclipsed the century plateau on the ground, completely wearing out Buffalo's pathetic 27th-ranked ground defense. They no longer have their regular GameCenter chat format; they installed a Facebook chat app instead, which really blows. Second, I plan on re-creating our favorite GameCenter characters and having them troll the Facebook posters in the app. Both blockers had been playing well, so it's difficult to imagine the Bills protecting Ryan Fitzpatrick adequately enough against the 49ers' ferocious defensive front. This was not a one-week fluke; the Jets and Chiefs compiled 118 and 125 rushing yards against them, respectively.
Williams and Anderson have been non-factors, but will that change against Joe Staley and an improved Anthony Davis? I'm not going to bet on San Francisco because it could be looking ahead to battling the Giants, Seahawks and Cardinals, but it should still cover. That figure could improve a little bit, however, if the Saints get linebacker David Hawthorne back from injury. The tackles will once again be tested against Shaun Phillips and rookie Melvin Ingram; Phillips has been dominant this year, while Ingram has shown flashes.
Well, as it so happens, 0-4 teams (or worse) that are favorites since 2002 are 11-6 against the spread. Emmitt, the Texans just look like the better overall team, but I'm sure that you agree that this is unimportant in the grand scheme of things. We were able to ram the kielbasas into the backsides so easily, Kevin, you wouldn't believe it.
His pass protection sucks - right tackle Austin Howard is terrible - and he has no one to throw to. They play their best when they're backed into the corner, and no one is giving them a chance. This is easily one of the most iconic set pieces of the final movie, and seeing it realized in Lego form is quite glorious.
Well, as i said, thsi kit shows how much attention to detail Lego has for the fans of teh Star Wars franchise. And while they showed off their main figures last year at NYCC, these figures have only just now started showing up in stores.
There is much heated debate over each and every piece of information that comes out, whether it be Marvel or DC. Lego even has fun with the sillier concepts, like Wonder-woman’s invisible plane, casting it in entirely translucent Lego bricks.
After he earned his third, there was a wide-spread belief that he would pass both Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw and eventually earn five or more total rings.
It's unknown to the media, but Brady's haircuts are much more than just silly fashion statements; each haircut gives Brady a new persona.
Seattle excels at getting to the quarterback and appears to have a great matchup with Bruce Irvin going up against pedestrian right tackle Byron Bell. Go to the Fantasy Football Contest page for more details (link will be available later during the week). They've limited three of their four opponents this season to 54 rushing yards or fewer, with the lone of exception being the Packers; they didn't even focus on Cedric Benson in that contest because they were so concerned about Aaron Rodgers. Jacksonville will counter by having Gabbert dink and dunk, but that sort of offensive approach doesn't work against elite defenses. He's also a turnover machine; he has 33 interceptions and seven lost fumbles in his previous 32 appearances.
Minnesota hasn't surrendered more than 63 rushing yards to any opponent, save for the Jaguars in Week 1.
Even if Hightower plays - he practiced on a limited basis Wednesday - he may not be 100 percent, which will make McGahee's life much easier. And even if he does fall behind at New England, who besides Seneca "The Backdoor Bandit" Wallace is better at getting a late touchdown to cover the spread?
I made a Migelini account and my girlfriend, who was once harassed by Aaron3619, is the new Aaron. They couldn't get anything going against the Patriots, and now they have to deal with a 49er defense that's ranked second in the NFL at stopping the run (2.99 YPC). There aren't many teams that pound the rock better than the 49ers, so it's entirely possible that both Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter will duplicate what Stevan Ridley and Brandon Bolden just accomplished.
Colston, who struggled in the first three games, came alive this past Sunday because he finally overcame his nagging foot injury.
We've already seen them sleepwalk through a non-conference game in Week 3 versus Atlanta, and I think they're going to do the same thing Sunday night. If you're not going to sleep with females, you're only going to utilize two of three of their useful traits.
There is a glimmer of hope because the Texans' 23rd-ranked ground defense (4.6 YPC) just made Chris Johnson look competent, but then again, Shonn Greene sucks and the running lanes just won't be there because the Jets can't block. If you look below the comment board, you'll see that teams getting double-star game edges don't fare too well. That's why Las Vegas Hilton released an early spread of Texans -4 prior to this past weekend. That number could also mean that Houston won't be up for playing this game just because it's national TV. He went to Michigan, which is in the Big Ten, along with my alma mater Northwestern, can't say that, can you, Tone? Russell Wilson struggled to move the chains, thanks in part to his receivers failing to get any sort of separation. They get Joe Vitt back in their seventh game, so they know that if they can win two in a row, they'll have a shot at 2-4 with a guy who has actually been a head coach in the NFL before. The Texans, who run the ball just as well, will ram Arian Foster and Ben Tate (if he plays; he's questionable) right down North Jersey's throat. Now, because of one blowout loss and the injury to Holmes, who's not even that good in the first place, this spread has moved up to -8.
And the inclusion of a tiny wamp-rat in this kit makes my inner fan boy SQUEE in excitement.
At NYTF, IĀ got a hands on look at these figures, as well as a hands on loom at several upcoming figures in the line, based on new ENEMIES for our Toa heroes to face off against. But the NCAA cartel would never give someone from a smaller school a chance to have a hair spell. But then I remembered that he circumcised penises, so I asked him to circumcise some of the kielbasas I bought at the market that day. YES, the Lego super-hero line is still going strong with more kits coming out each moth from both Lego Marvel, and Lego DC. After battling an AFC South foe (Jaguars), a former arch nemesis in Peyton Manning and another divisional opponent (Titans), Houston can finally take a break, especially with the Packers and Ravens (playoff revenge) coming up. New York a great country to live in, I don't know why you hatin' for no doggone good reason, Karl.

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