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Movies by Flixter is a full service movie app that integrates reviews, trailers, and other movie information from sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB along with the ability to manage your Netflix queue.
Download and install the Movies by Flixter app from the Android Market, or by scanning the QR Code at the end of the article. Select Login to Netflix, or Sign up for a free trial if you don’t already have a Netflix account. To remove items from the Queue tap to select the check marks to the left of the titles and select Remove from Queue at the bottom.
Naturally, the At Home tab gives you the selections you currently have or that have been shipped to you.
One of the areas where Netflix’s website is sorely lacking is presenting the latest DVD releases. Note: Some DVDs will have a 28 day waiting period between their retail release and availability through Netflix. From this screen you can read a movie synopsis, play a trailer, and most importantly add the DVD to your Netflix Queue. After selecting Add to Netflix Queue, you’ll be prompted to choose whether you’d like the DVD added at the beginning or the end of the Queue. If the title is also available for Instant Viewing, you’ll will also get the option to add it to the top or end of your Instant Queue.
From any screen on the DVD tab, you can press the menu button on your phone and select Search.

There are other apps dedicated to managing the Netflix Queue, but we found Movies by Flixter to be the best by far. If you decide you’d rather get out of the house than watch a flick on your couch, you can take advantage of Movies by Flixters’ ability to find Theater locations and show times in your area.
To install Movies by Flixter on your Android device you can download it from the Android Market, or install it by scanning the QR code above. DID YOU KNOW?Despite a population growth of over a million residents since 1970, the city of Los Angeles has maintained stable water consumption levels for over 40 years (and consumes the lowest amount of water per capita of any major U.S.
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It's very easy to blow through your entire mobile data allotment for the month watching Netflix in HD.
Netflix will now let you adjust the video streaming quality in its mobile app, so that you don't go over your monthly data allotment when watching movies and TV shows over a cellular connection. Streaming Netflix on a smartphone isn't a viable or sustainable option for many people. Netflix sets its default mobile bitrate at 600kbps, limiting resolution to about 360p on AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and most other carriers. The problem also appears to extend beyond the iOS app store and into the Mac App Store and iTunes as well. We’ll look at how to manage your Netflix Queue from Your Android phone using the Movies by Flixter App. You can find current and upcoming Box Offices releases, local theaters and show times, read reviews, and watch movie trailers.
Tap, hold, and drag the three bars to the right of each listing to move items up and down within the Queue.

With the Movies by Flixter App, you can easily see all the major new DVD releases by selecting the DVD tab and choosing New Releases below. We actually found it to be superior in some ways to Netflix’s own website, especially when it comes to tracking and adding new releases to the Queue. If you are new to QR Codes, you can learn how to use them by checking out our post on using QR Codes to install Apps and Share Contacts on your Android phone. To give users more control over how streaming impacts their mobile data usage Netflix today announced that it has rolled out its cellular data controls globally. But iPhone and Android users who like to watch Netflix shows over cellular plans with limited data will surely appreciate the new settings option. The default setting sets stream quality to a level that uses 1 GB for every three hours you watch, which gives a stream quality between medium and low and uses about 600 Kbps. Users can access this tool by first updating their Netflix app for iOS or Android to the most recent version.
Starting Thursday, you'll have better control on the amount of cellular data your Netflix habits consume. It lets subscribers adjust the quality of their video streams while on a cellular connection so they can stream while using less data.

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