As part of the branding of our new SP2013-based intranet, I have created a new custom Masterpage and Page Layouts and set this as the default Masterpage.
I have also created a custom Masterpage and Page Layout solely for use with the homepage of our intranet. For the homepage I have overridden the system Masterpage value via SharePoint Designer 2013 - which worked fine. I know in SP2010 the workaround was to create a new Page in the site with the desired Masterpage & Page Layout and then to set that page as the site's homepage. You have the option in the Page layouts and site templates page in New Page Default Settingssection. Write a feature stapler which sets your desired page layout on default.aspx, while the web provisioning process. Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example). If this is team site then the default page or home page will not have page layout option available even if you have enable publishing feature.
If you activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure for the site collection and then activate the SharePoint Publish feature for the site the option to change the page layout should comes up on the ribbon when your are in edit mode.
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How can I rename Page Layouts without having to manually reset content pages using those layouts?
Some users may be concerned that uninstalling Picasa will also remove their photos in the album(s), well, the actions you take to uninstall the client on your computer do not automatically delete files in your Google account. I wanna save the photo files in the database before I attempt to uninstall Picasa: click on the Disc icon, and answer Save to the Save window below, "Save changes to disk? Now, I double click Control Panel on Desktop and press the uninstall a program in subsequent Control Panel window. Then I click Uninstall on the following Picasa 3 Uninstall window to proceed with its default removal progress.
If you do not plan to use this Picasa from Google, then to fully uninstall Picasa, you apply the Yes option from the Uninstall window, "Would you like to remove the Picasa database?
Now I reboot my system and then manually search and remove this Google product’s unwanted data on my computer. Locate and directly run the following Uninstall application Size: 166 KB (170,773 bytes) to uninstall Picasa from your computer. After that, you may need to manually delete the empty file folder and other unneeded data to entirely uninstall Picasa in your system.
Google’s built-in uninstall file is not working at all when you want to uninstall Picasa?

However that 'solution' results in a change to the intranet's home URL which I've been told is not acceptable. You can create publishing page and set this publishing page to default home page (from SharePoint designer). Unfortunately I have enabled the Publishing Infrastructure feature and the options aren't present. And to effectively work around these issues relating to your currently installed Picasa, you use the following tips to completely uninstall the main program and remove its additional program left over files and registry keys; then you can reinstall it and rebuild your personal photo gallery at a later time.
You can choose a photo from your computer, your own Picasa Web Album or a public gallery hosted by Picasa which includes a selection of beautiful photos. However, there is a way to thoroughly uninstall Picasa: clicking the following URL of smart uninstall tool will help you force uninstall Picasa wholly in your system. The following professional uninstall tool will enable you to uninstall Picasa with less pain!

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