The end of December and the beginning of January is a very common time to look for career change ideas.
It’s quite common to think “I want to change where I am going with my career” at this time of year. Remember that if you chose this Christmas to have a change of career, that it can’t be done quickly. It takes a lot of thought and planning, and It’s no miracle cure if you are currently unhappy in your current employment. Look at your own traits and interests to see what new career would be suited to your personality. This will help you decide by giving you work experience in that career working environment. If you need a fresh challenge (perhaps you feel stagnated in your current company) a simple option is to look for a new company to work for in the same line of work before making a commitment to changing your current career completely.
You give a percentage to each For and Against in how much they have a value to your current career situation. By giving weight to the issues you see will help you evaluate clearly what you want to change in your career path and access your current job satisfaction quite successfully. You may be facing redundancy (a Threat) therefore you may want to look at Opportunities and where you are in your whole career at this point. Writing a simple list of your skills, interests and values is a good starting point to accessing your qualifications and looking for new goals in your career. Start looking at Internet resources or going and talking to a professional careers advisor who can access your Interests, Skills and Values. A careers advisor will be able to give you advice on where to go next and whether your career choice is in the right direction for your skill set. Brainstorming (listing) your career ideas will help you make sure that you have got some ideas of what your career alternative choices are.
Once you have done a bit of in-depth research into those alternative you will actually know what you are going to do, what it involves and what you will need to accomplish this career change. It can be quite shocking to get an idea for a career change, and find out actually it will take 5 years to get there through re-training.
To get a feel of your potential new career; it is a good idea to shadow professionals for the day.
Go and speak to people in the line of work you want to change into, or arrange to shadow someone who is doing that job for the day so you can get an in-depth understanding of what that job entails. Make sure you ask questions so you have a good understanding of both the good side and the bad things about that career.
You might discover that some of the bad things about the job are worse than in your current career; like longer hours or different daily routines than you are accustomed to. And lastly, have a go at volunteering – doing something free of charge just to gain experience in that work area.
Do you best to find something where you can try your hand for a morning or weekend daytime, volunteering or freelancing in that sector.

Just check it out for yourself and see if you enjoy doing the activities and what skills you have that you can transfer into your new career.
If there is get in touch and let me know – I’m always looking for new ways to help people get the career they want!
Tim, Blofield"On my first meeting with Ann she was able to quickly give me clear information to my career choice. Analysis is the other evaluation method, which is to look at Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats to your present career. They are involved in some routine which they think pays them well and then they find it difficult to come out of it. Though this can be a difficult thing to think about, career change must be the ideal thing which you should look out for when you have actually found out the calling for your life. Not only you have to answer yourself with a job but also othera€™s questions as to why did you opted for such a thing at this age?
At thirty, the possibilities are higher that your earnings have sky rocketed and thus you can utilise them better in fending you and your family off till you find something else that you like.
It must be so that when you decide to go along with it, you will be answerable to yourself and family members. Though they may not have something specific enough to tell you but you can always ask them for suggestions. When you ask your colleagues who have reached a better age of their lives, likelihood is that they know much better about what is going on around.
Thus no matter what you do, if you have decided that you would need a career change in your life, you will work hard to pursue it.
Thus, even if the job may not pay that higher or leave you a little stranded, that focus and straight approach which you would have gathered through your previous work will come easily to you. If your close friends are of no avail then approaching a sober and level minded person will only tell you how to go next about with it. Reading good and well written books on this matter and surfing up some online resources for getting good information about prospective career choices at thirty can be a big way to start. As this is the process of transition, you might just well take that good break for yourself.
There is a platform called TAEN (The Age and Employment Network) which offers an excellent resources section.
This is the best way through which one will be provided information about various things like age and even employment issues. Now that you take such an important decision to change your career at the age of thirty, it is necessary that you think wise. For example :- If you always thought music was something you liked doing and wanted to invest your career in, that peace time with yourself will enable you to know how to start with that. At 30, as you would have known some good friends or people who have done well in that field, you may just want to take classes from them for some months to tune up your music skills.
These friends and colleagues of all ages which you have developed solid affinity towards after all these years of experience will make you know so much better about yourself.

You can also ask them about their choice or preference of some previous and current roles which may just provide a good inspiration for you.
They will even give you a pep talk at the right time if you feel demotivated and will help you to rule out the paths that arena€™t quite right. By now, after having made so many copies of your resumes and applying to jobs for finding your required new career, you would have at least made note of 5 basic skills that you have. Out of that you should try to narrow down on at least three and then try hard and concentrate on which one was the best for you.
Taking a note of your transferable skills will give you a solid grasp of what will set you up in your new career of choice.
After having done this, your transferrable skills would be right out there in front of you.
For example, if you now understood that it was making sculptures that finally were your calling and now struggling in law, then maybe you will do that more voraciously by joining classes.
As you were not able to do it before, you will try all the more hard to accomplish that goal now in this time.
You will learn and get a basic graduate degree for yourself due to which you will be able to have a better scope of getting a good job. When Chandler in series of Friends decided that he would have to do an unpaid internship, he did not say no. When an activist like Paraksh Amte geared up to give up his medical routine job to help in social service, it was not too late for him. Thus, trying to do what you like at whatever age may be a little difficult but will be a good start. It will just heighten your chances of getting selected and being known among your probable employers.
This is going to be a very good thing as far as meeting and hanging around people who will be associated to your new calling is concerned. By acing in your internship you will be able to prove to them that you are the best and you do not require to be considered any lesser only because of your age.10.
If you have understood beneath down there that this is your calling then you must go for it and forget all worries of your age. Life is lived once, so why not attempt doing something which may be challenging and different.
Choosing a career at thirty can surely be a really nice way to start with and thus believe in it too.

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