Looking for work can be difficult in the best of times – and these are not the best of times. For the job seeker, it is best to read as much as you can about how to write a resume and how to job search. The chronological resume is the traditional format that most are accustomed to: Work History is detailed in order of date, usually most recent first, with duties outlined either in bullet or paragraph format beneath. Reported estimates are employers take 30 or even as little as 10 seconds to screen resumes. Subheadings with meaningful titles should be used to allow the employer to quickly scan a resume to see that you may have what they are looking for. Again, include paid and unpaid positions – give yourself credit for everything you know and can do. Depending on your age and background, you may choose not to include an Education section or to omit years if you are a mature worker.
If you have studied a topic or area of interest through the Internet, or books and articles read then find a way to include them in this section. But, thinking about the sections included above should get you started in the write direction.
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Loss of Interest – At some point, a person can find a reason not to stay in their chosen career. Regardless of these reasons, people should never forget that your career is something you should take seriously. Always remember that if you decide for a career change which earns little money compared to your old one, do not feel discouraged. A word of caution: If you do not pursue your passion, you will definitely end up where you started.
When Betty Friedan, American writer, activist, and feminist said “Ageing is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength”, it’s almost as if she’s describing Helen Lim, 67, founding partner and chief executive office of Silver Spring. The sprightly and bubbly (self-described) “champion of the underdogs” has an easy demeanour and smile for everyone whom she comes into contact with.
With almost 40 years of experience in human resources management under her belt at the time of her “retirement” in 2005, she felt she had more to offer.
Helen’s story is an object lesson for retirees and even for those who have been “restructured” out of their employment. She shares that there are candidates who come in and are inspired and encouraged by the consultants, who are still able to give of themselves by helping other seniors.
Aside from Chatters Cafe, which she set up in 2009 and is operated by seniors over 50 years old, she set up Silver Horizon, a travel co-operative run by seniors for fellow seniors, in 2012.
But more importantly, reminds Helen, is keeping the mind active and staying engaged with life. Not one to rest on her laurels, Helen will soon add “author” to her list of accomplishments. Ride on changeWe’re so engrossed in life and work that we think most things can be done ‘later’ but suddenly, somebody ‘moves your cheese’ away. Child Safety and Injury PreventionThis is your chance to get answers to your questions on how to better childproof your home!
FIFA 16 will see the debut of a player training feature with more than 30 different drills, which brings the possibility of countering this growth problem (if it still exists in FIFA 16) by helping players improve in specific areas and hopefully counteracting some of the problems we faced before. The best player growth news would have been that EA have simply fixed it, rather than giving us a slight fix while failing to patch existing problems. EA have sought to address this lack of realism by bringing pre-season tournaments to FIFA 16. There’s more to it than that, though, as any money you win from the tournament will be added to your transfer budget.
While this is a nice addition to the game and adds some much-needed immersion, there are other areas that I would rather were addressed first. What worries me most about the new announcements is that there is almost no mention at all of youth scouting, other than EA claiming they have made “fundamental improvements across transfers and scouting”. Scout Reports – After scouting a player reports are available to you now for an entire calendar year before expiring vs three months in FIFA 15. Transfer Budget -Transfer budgets are now more realistically tailored to the club you’re using in Career Mode.
Loans – Short loans have increased from three to six months and there is now an option to issue two-year loans. Friendly Subs – You will be able to issue an unlimited number of substitutions during friendly matches. More Realistic Transfers – While the transfer window is open, we have tuned the number of ‘high-profile’ moves by big players to better match the number of changes that typically happen in the real-world. Improved Player Transfer Values – We’ve addressed values of players to better match the real-world transfer market. Carrying over a percentage of the previous season’s budget is also a welcome addition, as this was a very frustrating issue for a lot of players (myself included).
Of course, all of these minor changes are very promising on paper, and I look forward to seeing how they play out when FIFA 16 is released. That said, the player training feature could help to improve one of the most persistent problems over the past few years of FIFA games – player growth. Teams will supposedly defend as a unit much better in FIFA 16, with improved AI able to track runs better and decide between covering space and closing down an attacker.
Finally, EA tell us that goalkeepers have been improved to make them less likely to be beaten by freakish long shots. FIFA 16 will see those interception improvements come to midfield as well, and it will affect both attack and defence. Speaking of Skill Games, FIFA 16 will have a new Basic level aimed at first-time players of the franchise.
For the first time, a FIFA game will finally feature women’s teams (albeit only 12 national sides.
I love Shuttleworth Virtanan, I really do, but when was the last time you ever met a Spanish person with a name like that? And why do goalkeepers spend their first few years growing in physical stats but not GK stats? But scout a defensive minded full back and you get a player with 50 sprint speed and terrible work rates.
So we need more realistic player types – or at least player types that aren’t completely borked.
Currently, youth players sit in your academy twiddling their thumbs for one or two years until you decide to promote them. How about getting a report every week from your chief scout telling you what the score was in that game and how each player performed? For this to work we’d probably need a youth academy auto filled with players when you start a career mode, but that doesn’t sound like a huge demand to me.
Then at least we’d have a reason to keep tabs on the youth academy and a reason to work hard on it. I know there are potential issues with changing the sponsors on your kit, but having the option to upgrade your stadium would be awesome.
Firstly, I’ve used this site for years without contributing, so Alex, thanks for your hard work! Did a career up to 2025 only for the physical stats of all my players at a new club plummet to single figures. Two months work ruined and gave up at that point despite several attempts at reloading the career. Getting a pattern of play going is often painful against a CPU that reads everything I do and the CPU keeper is really tough to beat. Defending is difficult as CDMs don’t track back and help out protecting the back four. There needs to be a level between professional and world class as the jump in difficulty is still too great. I send a midfielder over to cover who then inexplicably runs off at a right angle to the direction I am sending him, seemingly out of my control. Ball goes into the box from the now unchallenged winger, striker scores with bullet header to far corner.
I’m at the end of the January transfer window, get to the end of it apparently without incident. But then check my squad at the beginning of February only to find my star 83 rated defender, who has been injured throughout the window, has disappeared not only from my squad but off the game. I quit the career mode go to my profile and delete everything that I’ve saved over the last year, the whole thing. It is important you give these resume sections the deliberation they need to present your qualifications in the best possible light. Some experts tout the Objective as the way to go to be considered seriously by an employer as it commits you to a specific path that is (hopefully) in line with what they are looking for. The trick is to examine YOUR qualifications and how to present them to an employer in a way that will make you seem a good candidate for the opening the employer has. For this reason, a functional resume is most often the format to use to apply online or secure the first interview. Use current voice – just because you are not working at a job currently doesn’t mean you don’t possess this skill!
If you don’t, no one else ill.  If you don’t have a skill or experience required for a position you would like to pursue then volunteer or intern to acquire the missing attribute. Most people don’t work for the same employer for 30 years and retire with a gold watch these days.

Or you may choose to list certificates and other training pertinent to the job you are applying for.
Be creative in terms of your presentation and in getting credit for what you do know or can do.
Just remember any resume is a work in progress and should be examined and tweaked regularly in general and in considering specific jobs or employers in particular. You will probably change career direction several times in your life (I certainly have!), so try to think in terms of what you would like to try next. This might mean making changes in your current job, studying a course in the evening, shadowing someone in the role, or learning new skills to make yourself more attractive to potential employers. Most employers don’t have time to read through pages and pages of text so keeping your CV concise and completely relevant to the role is crucial. To get more content and advice like this direct to your inbox, sign up for our weekly update and careers ebook. This is probably because they have lost that challenging feeling or simply, they do not see their selves growing in that field anymore. There are many people who choose a career not because it is their passion because others forced them to take it.
If you are deciding to get a career change, because you want to grow up to be a mature and independent person, it is a good choice.
Although there are numerous jobs you can do, you should always choose one which you are good at or one which you love doing.
For example, you have a goal to own your own business: you cannot just apply for a job to become an executive if you do not have experience. Hence, when you create a career change, choose the right decisions, not because they are practical but because they are for the good of your future. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious as she shares on manoeuvring life down the path of growing older.
With the latter, there’s always the worry that their existing skills aren’t applicable to new industries, that their skills and experience aren’t transferable and that they will have to reinvent themselves to remain competitive, shares Helen. And there are no hard and fast rules about it.” For some having a second career isn’t about a job only, she says, while for others, they want a job as a means of “giving back” to society. I think it’s about reconfiguring what you already have, taking the old and blending it with the new and coming up with something that’s going to excite you for the rest of your life!” she enthuses. Ageing well is about taking care of my body so that I can enjoy the next 30 or so years of my life with energy, low stress, vitality, limber joints, strong muscles and organs that do their job and don’t get sick,” she adds with a laugh. She is currently working with a writer (“a Gen Y!") on a book about what it “feels like to walk in another’s shoes”. When someone else feels that somebody else needs them or supports them… it’s the gentle push they need to leave their comfort zone. During my recent trip to Australia, I observed that when older folks are offered seats [on the tram], and when they decline the offer, they do it cheerfully. Predictably, Ultimate Team took the prime slot, but it was genuinely refreshing to see career mode getting some decent air time. So let’s have a look at what they revealed, what they didn’t, and what it might mean for career mode in FIFA 16. Youth players get promoted as slow weaklings, and 10 years down the line they’re still slow weaklings. That winger full back with 50 stand tackling could work on his technique, thereby getting better in an area that was poorer than it should have been. You can only train five players at a time, so if you’re having widespread growth problems then it may not be enough. What we need is a scenario where young players start out with decent physical stats and grow in a more natural way where their technique improves over time, rather than coming out of the academy with 56 sprint speed and 87 dribbling. In FIFA 15, for example, you play three friendly matches before the season gets underway, but there’s very little linking these games – you will likely play three teams from completely separate countries, meaning there’s no sense of your club embarking on a pre-season tour of, say, Germany.
Before each season kicks off, you’ll be invited to take part in three tournaments based around the world (there are nine in total, but you’ll have a choice of three each pre-season). You may already know what your best team and formation are, but the financial incentive means that pre-season tournaments have a real, solid reward on offer alongside gaining a greater insight into your squad dynamics.
The scouting system needs a whole raft of changes (more on that later), while there are still plenty of gameplay issues that need addressing. We were all heavily disappointed when it transpired that FIFA 15’s scouting system was nearly identical to that of FIFA 14. Does it mean that we’ll end up with scouted playmakers who have insane mental stats but poor technical stats? Also, a percentage of the remaining budget from the previous season will carry over to the next.
Being able to sign free agents outside the transfer window is obviously a useful addition and adds a nice realistic touch. I’m also looking forward to seeing more realistic transfers, although this should probably be taken with a pinch of salt as it’s something EA promise every year. Commentators will pick up on developing story lines and notable player performances, while also covering transfer rumours and player debuts.
I doubt there has been enough time for the FIFA 16 developers to fix every problem from this year’s game, and every year there are elements that stay unchanged from the previous year’s edition. Yet it will not mean much if EA haven’t addressed the numerous problems that have affected player growth in the past – poor physical stats in youth players that never improve, mispositioned players with poor stats for their positions, and more. Defenders will be more agile, able to turn more quickly and react to opponents’ dribbling moves in order to keep them under control. Keepers will backpedal and be able to track the ball better when it is struck from distance, reducing the likelihood of you being beaten by a long range wonder goal. Players in the box may decide to run deep or go to the near post, giving you more options when you’re out wide. The FIFA Trainer will put you in a match situation and provide visual hints and advice on what to do in any given situation.
Are they spending too much time in the gym and not enough on the training ground or playing youth matches?
You have to search physically strong, which often gets you slow forwards with great tackling, or search technically gifted and get slow forwards with 40 stamina.
If you find a physically strong central midfielder with high potential, it’s entirely possible they’ll end up with the Complete Defender, Midfielder and Forward specialities. This may need a larger overhaul than fixing physical growth but it’s something that’s completely messing up the youth scouting system. Until that time it’s a borefest and you end up completely forgetting about the players you have already found because what do they do for most of the month?
I don’t mean having to play youth matches in addition to first team games, but how about having a youth squad league table, and every week your youth team plays another team from that league?
How about your scout letting you know who had been progressing well in the youth league and could be ready for promotion? The players’ quality would depend on the team you are, so York City will have an auto-filled academy far inferior to Manchester City’s. I appreciate this is probably a longer term goal but it’s something a lot of us have been crying out for for years.
Who wants to take Plymouth Argyle to the Premier League and see them lining up at home against Chelsea in a stadium that can house 10,000 people? Make sure you leave you ideas in the comments below and let’s see if we can get a list together. We seem to be making a difference here, so let’s get our ideas together and see if we can change career mode for the better. I think it only fair that I warn all that are contemplating buying FIFA 16 that they should only do this if they are using a next gen console. In reality speed and agility are often where younger players ( especially attacking) stand out, and it’s their strength and technique that grows over time, not the other way around.
Although it’s good (cheaty) way of finding players (save game, accept offer, view all players and note those of interest, then reload) these arrive too frequently and just become annoying after a while. The passing is better than 2014 but players’ agility and ball control is still poor and acceleration is still unrealistic.
They are involved in some routine which they think pays them well and then they find it difficult to come out of it.
If possible, seek out the assistance of an expert – this is money well spent and a good resume writer can be invaluable in helping you to stand out to employers who might not otherwise consider you. Others recommend a strong Profile or Summary Statement outlining the best of what you have to offer and, essentially spoon-feeding the employer every good thing about you.
This can make it easier for employers to scan your qualifications to quickly see if you might have the skills they are looking for.
A more detailed, chronological resume can be presented in a first or second interview if appropriate.
Employers may assume you have a college degree based on your background unless you list High School Diploma in this section, for example.
Career planning tools on websites such as Prospects or TargetJobs can be useful to throw up a few ideas, but the key is to think about the kind of skills you enjoy and are good at, the environment you’d like to be in and the kind of people you want to work with. Make sure that you read the job description of the role you’re applying to and identify the goals of the employer you want to work for, and then tie your work experience and goals into this. Remember, a person who earns little from what he loves to do is more likely to succeed in life rather than a person who only works for the money. No matter how little your salary is, discipline and control will help you earn millions of money.
That was the main catalyst for setting up Silver Spring in 2009 – Singapore’s first social enterprise set-up of such nature – she says, as she noticed that many people lost their sense of identity and self-esteem after retiring or getting retrenched.
For those who need to or are keen to explore working well into their later years, Helen says, “It’s got to be sustainable for the next 10 years or so.

Studies have shown that those with strong social ties are healthier too as they keep themselves alert (mind), strong (body) and happy (spirit). The book’s message is about empathy and with it she hopes to show readers that it’s possible for two people, divided by a couple of generations, to understand each other and to work together. It seems that this year EA have based a lot of their career mode changes on community feedback, and a lot of the new features are ones that have been requested for years.
A player may be mispositioned (particularly so with full backs, who are either mispositioned wingers or centre backs) and so will be weak in areas important to his position – a mispositioned winger playing at full back could have 50 stand tackle but 75 finishing, for example. I also want to know exactly what areas can be improved – can players get faster and stronger, or improve their vision?
Further undercutting the realism was the fact that you were still limited to three substitutions per game, despite the games being friendlies, which should allow you unlimited substitutions.
The idea is you’ll get a chance to test out formations and players and play against decent opposition, all in a much more realistic environment than isolated friendlies played against random opposition.
I’m genuinely glad that EA have seemingly fixed pre-season, but I can’t help feeling there should have been greater priorities.
Will it still be impossible to find strikers when you search for the ‘Attacker’ player type? It means that now you could quickly bring in a replacement if a key player gets injured outside the transfer period. Key stats will be picked out both in commentary and in-game graphics (presumably information in the top corners of the screen), while everything is referenced within the context of the league you are playing (such as how important the game is if you’re in a relegation scrap, I would imagine). EA need to have made significant changes under the hood to improve player growth, in addition to the introduction of player training.
Players will have more control over tackles, and will be able to change the length of a slide tackle or make their players stop and get up mid-tackle, making them less likely to be taken out of the game. You’ll be able to decide when your player takes their first touch, allowing them to feint, change direction and perform skill moves without touching the ball.
Players will be given two options that should help improve their understanding of how to better compete in actual matches, not just in the isolated Skill Games settings. The scouted names were fine when the game came out and an update broke them, so I’ve got a lot of hope that this can be fixed. As time goes on and we scout more, we can replace these players with ones we’ve scouted ourselves.
I eagerly awaited the arrival of my FIFA 16 (for the PS3) on the release date, imagine my disappointment to find that none of the new features are included, there are no pre-season tournaments, no player training, nothing new in the scouting mechanism. Job offers are minimal and 99% of job applications are rejected even if you’ve exceeded the expectations of your own club in recent seasons.
Though this can be a difficult thing to think about, career change must be the ideal thing which you should look out for when you have actually found out the calling for your life. Areas of expertise include: Career Assessment and Assistance, Resume Development, LinkedIn Profiles, Bio’s, Cover Letters, and Interview Preparation.
Being organized is not a disease, it is actually something that will help you make good choices for yourself.
An added benefit is that your family members don’t have to worry about you when they see you happily engaged. So while scouting in FIFA 16 probably will not be an exact knockoff of FIFA 15’s scouting system, we have very little information to go on.
Will it still be ridiculously difficult to find a realistic full back (rather than a mispositioned winger or centre back) ?
The idea is you can dummy in one direction and then explode in the other, giving you an edge over defenders. For clubs that don’t have named and rendered stadiums, surely this wouldn’t be too hard to implement. As far as I can tell the only changes are different music, some changes to commentary and the only truly new feature is some kind of advice on passes and movement from a trainer whilst actually playing a game, which is a good addition if you are just coming to FIFA for the first time, however, for more seasoned players it’s just a distraction.
I liked it when various alternative positions were offered to managers in the summer – I considered that more realistic than the current set up. It is with this that we are able to gain knowledge and develop our skills for our chosen jobs. For some (who come to us for career coaching) and through the power of questioning, they learn to discover – or maybe even rediscover – themselves. Fast winger full backs end up with amazing technical stats so they can be played pretty much anywhere.
Not only you have to answer yourself with a job but also othera€™s questions as to why did you opted for such a thing at this age? I would suggest you start saying to yourself and to everyone you meet that you work in [your new sector]. Excelling in your chosen career may take time but taking the time to train will serve to be beneficial for you.
I’ve also found that if you DO join a new club towards the end of the season, (even when the season is over) you can be sacked for not meeting the objectives of your predecessor when the season actually finishes, without having played a game! At thirty, the possibilities are higher that your earnings have sky rocketed and thus you can utilise them better in fending you and your family off till you find something else that you like.
It must be so that when you decide to go along with it, you will be answerable to yourself and family members.
Though they may not have something specific enough to tell you but you can always ask them for suggestions.
When you ask your colleagues who have reached a better age of their lives, likelihood is that they know much better about what is going on around. Thus no matter what you do, if you have decided that you would need a career change in your life, you will work hard to pursue it. Thus, even if the job may not pay that higher or leave you a little stranded, that focus and straight approach which you would have gathered through your previous work will come easily to you. If your close friends are of no avail then approaching a sober and level minded person will only tell you how to go next about with it. Reading good and well written books on this matter and surfing up some online resources for getting good information about prospective career choices at thirty can be a big way to start. As this is the process of transition, you might just well take that good break for yourself. There is a platform called TAEN (The Age and Employment Network) which offers an excellent resources section. This is the best way through which one will be provided information about various things like age and even employment issues. Now that you take such an important decision to change your career at the age of thirty, it is necessary that you think wise. For example :- If you always thought music was something you liked doing and wanted to invest your career in, that peace time with yourself will enable you to know how to start with that.
At 30, as you would have known some good friends or people who have done well in that field, you may just want to take classes from them for some months to tune up your music skills. These friends and colleagues of all ages which you have developed solid affinity towards after all these years of experience will make you know so much better about yourself.
You can also ask them about their choice or preference of some previous and current roles which may just provide a good inspiration for you. They will even give you a pep talk at the right time if you feel demotivated and will help you to rule out the paths that arena€™t quite right.
By now, after having made so many copies of your resumes and applying to jobs for finding your required new career, you would have at least made note of 5 basic skills that you have. Out of that you should try to narrow down on at least three and then try hard and concentrate on which one was the best for you. Taking a note of your transferable skills will give you a solid grasp of what will set you up in your new career of choice. After having done this, your transferrable skills would be right out there in front of you. For example, if you now understood that it was making sculptures that finally were your calling and now struggling in law, then maybe you will do that more voraciously by joining classes. As you were not able to do it before, you will try all the more hard to accomplish that goal now in this time. You will learn and get a basic graduate degree for yourself due to which you will be able to have a better scope of getting a good job.
When Chandler in series of Friends decided that he would have to do an unpaid internship, he did not say no. When an activist like Paraksh Amte geared up to give up his medical routine job to help in social service, it was not too late for him.
Thus, trying to do what you like at whatever age may be a little difficult but will be a good start. It will just heighten your chances of getting selected and being known among your probable employers. This is going to be a very good thing as far as meeting and hanging around people who will be associated to your new calling is concerned.
By acing in your internship you will be able to prove to them that you are the best and you do not require to be considered any lesser only because of your age.10. If you have understood beneath down there that this is your calling then you must go for it and forget all worries of your age.
Life is lived once, so why not attempt doing something which may be challenging and different. Choosing a career at thirty can surely be a really nice way to start with and thus believe in it too.

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