It was seeing the Clearing listings in a national newspaper that gave Charlie Osbourn's career the kick-start it needed. Charlie was concerned when she was told by the admissions staff that she would be required to take some numeracy tests as she hadn't really done any maths since she'd taken her GCSE at school. Having been offered a place, Charlie handed in her notice at work and, after a whirlwind few weeks, was enrolled on a degree. Charlie has thrown herself in to university life second time round and has recently been elected co-president of the University's Nursing Society. Having completed the first year of her BA (Hons) Nursing degree Charlie is convinced that the Clearing process has got her firmly on the right track. As the transformation of the nation’s healthcare system continues, more registered nurses are returning to graduate school to enroll in Master’s in Nursing degree programs for enhancing their clinical skills and experience level. The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree is designed to build upon the knowledge earned with a baccalaureate degree, allowing students to develop expertise in a specific area of nursing practice that aligns with career goals. While traditional full-time master’s programs consist of 18 to 24 months of consecutive study, many nurses choose to pursue their degree as they work around work schedules in a more flexible format. If you have made the decision to return to graduate school to complete a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, then you are probably a little overwhelmed with the sheer number of on-campus and online programs there are to choose from. In order to help in your search for finding the top master’s degree programs in nursing, below we have listed three of the best schools in the United States that have an international reputation for solid nursing education. Johns Hopkins University has been ranked the 12th best college and 20th top value school in America by the U.S.
As the 20th best college and 24th top value school in the United States, Georgetown University has been recognized for having the 36th best graduate nursing degree programs nationwide by the U.S. Currently ranked as the 97th best college and 7th top up-and-coming school in the nation by the U.S. Acquiring an advanced Master’s in Nursing degree can open limitless career opportunities within today’s dramatically changing healthcare delivery systems. In addition to the emotional rewards of making a difference in the lives of patients across the health continuum, a Master’s in Nursing degree comes with the potential for earning a lucrative salary. Within our website, we endeavor to provide the knowledge needed to make an informed decision on selecting a Master’s in Nursing program and help you stay up-to-date on happenings in the nursing field with various comprehensive resources.
Are you searching for an online degree program that will prepare you for advanced practice nursing career?

If you still have questions about earning a Master’s in Nursing degree, we invite you to scroll through our FAQs page or send us a message. When artist Mary “Molly” Lithgo started teaching the “Drawing In Color” class in 1996 as part of Forsyth Tech’s Personal Enrichment program, she had no idea she would still be teaching the same class 20 years later. The post Forsyth Tech Art Teacher Retires After 20 Years Leaving Behind a Tight-Knit Community of Art Students appeared first on Forsyth Tech. The post Forsyth Tech Recognizes Outstanding Students, Faculty, and Staff During Graduation Ceremony appeared first on Forsyth Tech. After graduating she moved down to London and somehow fell in to a job in a private investigation agency.
It was only when she started volunteering in her summer holidays with Over the Wall - a charity providing holiday breaks to seriously ill children and their siblings - that Charlie began to get a glimpse of what a different future might hold. Earning a master’s degree in nursing will provide the academic core of knowledge to find career opportunities as nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists, nurse educators, nurse administrators, or nurse anesthetists. Instead of spending time listening to lectures, master’s programs enable graduate students to participate more in seminars, roundtable discussions, simulation laboratories, and extensive clinical work.
It is becoming increasingly popular for colleges to offer online MSN degree programs for registered nurses who have a bachelor’s degree in nursing.
Since not all master’s degrees in nursing are created equal, it is essential to take into consideration a number of factors that can influence your quality of education. News and World Report and other helpful ranking systems to ensure your prospective degree programs have an overall reputation for high-quality instruction of advanced practice nurses.
News and World Report, Drexel University is nationally acclaimed for having the 24th best online graduate nursing programs in the United States.
With one of the highest levels of long-term job stability, advanced practice nurses are in high demand across the United States for providing the best quality of patient care in hospitals, clinics, physician offices, rehabilitation centers, outpatient centers, psychiatric-mental health facilities, home health services, and more. While registered nurses earn an annual average salary of $68,910, nurse practitioners make a mean $95,070 in the same time frame. At Best Master’s in Nursing Programs, we are committed to offering the rankings, reviews, and facts you need to make your professional dreams in nursing come true. We hope that you will find our information to be valuable in finding the top master’s degree programs in nursing that will take your career to the next level in advanced practice! Charlie decided to carry out her own private investigation and, despite feeling some trepidation, she picked up the phone and dialled the Kingston University Clearing hotline.

Many healthcare-related degree courses attract Department of Health funding and NHS bursaries so Charlie had some additional help with course costs. With more than 330 accredited master’s degree programs through the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) in the United States, our goal is to highlight the best of the best to aid in your quest of selecting the program that will best meet your professional goals in advanced practice nursing. When students begin to concentrate their studies, any number of courses can be included in acute care, geriatrics, community health, oncology, women’s health, cardiac care, pediatrics, medical-surgical, or any other nursing specialty area.
First and foremost, the best MSN programs will be offered through regionally accredited post-secondary institutions. After assessing the institution for its quality of teaching, curriculum, average class size, location, and faculty credentials, make sure you specifically look for programs that align with your interests and offer a concentration in your chosen career path.
With many of its nursing specialty areas ranked in the top 10 nationwide, the JHU School of Nursing is nationally acclaimed for having the #1 best graduate nursing degree programs in the United States. Through the College of Nursing and Health Professions, Drexel students can enroll in the accredited Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program with flexible learning options in Clinical Trials Research, Clinical Nurse Leadership, Health Systems Management, Nursing Education, Nurse Anesthesia, Psychiatric Mental Health, Adult-Gerontology Acute Care, Pediatric Acute or Primary Care, Women’s Health, and Family Nurse Practitioner. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that employment of nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners will grow at the rapid rate of 31%, thus creating 47,600 new jobs before 2022. Nurse midwives bring home an average $92,230, nurse managers make a mean $90,929, and nurse anesthetists earn a whopping $157,690 each year!
For those who are specifically interested in building the leadership skills needed for higher levels of management responsibility in a variety of healthcare settings, take a look at our featured top-ranked programs that offer the Best MSN – Nursing Leadership and Management degree options. In addition to using the latest technological advances for lively virtual classroom discussions, online master’s degrees in nursing typically involve clinical experience in each student’s own geographical location for an easy commute.
Accreditation signifies that a program has met a specific set of instructional standards maintained by experts in the nursing field, so it is highly recommended that you choose a program accredited by the CCNE or ACEN. With an average cost of $32,020 each year, Georgetown’s online master’s degrees in nursing blend local clinical placement experience with virtual learning through weekly live online face-to-face class sessions through video conferencing. As you can see, receiving a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree is the best way to unlock high-paying nursing jobs that offer increased specialization, stronger job stability, and even more rewards in leading today’s healthcare industry. With its more than $8.5 million in federal research funding, JHU also enables students to participate in cutting-edge nursing research and 32 collaborative initiatives.

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