He was born in Ashkirk in 1971 and attended Glasgow and Aberdeen Universities, gaining a PhD in Scots Language in 1998. Prior to becoming an MSP Alasdair was senior media relations officer for the Church of Scotland. When not working, he sings with the Back District Gaelic Choir in Lewis, with whom he has competed in the National Mod.
As a senior leader within the Scottish Government, Robbie Parish holds a pivotal role in building partnerships across the entire public sector in order to transform the service landscape for the people of Scotland. As a Board level Director with experience encompassing both the Private and Public sector, Robbie utilises this experience to drive forward public sector reform, and the opportunity digital presents in delivering public services which are accessible, user-friendly and cost efficient.
A digital strategist and software engineer at heart, Robbie is recognised within the industry at both a UK and international level for his ability to build award winning applications and services across a range of sectors.
Since January 2013, Robbie has held the position of Director Online Services with responsibility for the delivery of digital service transformation for Scotland.
Robbie’s vision for the Scottish Digital landscape is founded on the premise that we need to put user needs at the heart of change.
A keen golfer, Robbie is a lifelong fan of technology and innovation and is always on the lookout for ways to combine the two.
In January 2014 Maggie Morrison was appointed Public Sector Sales Director, Scotland for CGI. Prior to joining CGI Maggie was Account General Manager for Hewlett Packard, Scotland and previously held senior leadership positions at Cisco, 3Com and Cabletron.
She has rich international experience, having worked and lived in France, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands and the USA as well as the UK.
He was previoulsy Director of Digital Participation at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) where he worked across the public, private and third sectors to increase digital participation in Scotland and to build digital capability in the third sector.

Chris Yiu was Head of the Digital Government Unit at Policy Exchange from 2011-13, where he led research on public policy and technology, data and the internet. After graduating in Technology and Business Studies from Strathclyde University in 1986, Caroline left Scotland to work in the City of London. She has been a volunteer business advisor to the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust for 10 years. Working with colleagues and partners in a range of sectors Rob is involved in developing and embeding digital services aimed at building the career management and learning skills of people across Scotland.He has a background in, and a passion for learning technologies and digital solutions that support individuals to develop their skills.
Rob is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserves and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. Duncan MacLennan was great as ever, bringing a very interesting perspective to the challenges (and failings) of housing.
He regularly wrote Gaelic columns in various newspapers and was named Gaelic journalist of the year in 2006. He was Vice President of Worldwide Operations for IBM's personal computer company before joining Digital Equipment Corporation in 1995 where he was a Senior Vice President.
He is former Chair of the Scottish Funding Council and the Renfrewshire Enterprise Company. She is also a Professor at the University of Strathclyde in the International Institute of Public Policy. Her most recent post was Chief Executive of The City of Edinburgh Council having previously served as Chief Executive at Aberdeen City Council and Chief Executive at East Dunbartonshire Council.
Along with responsibility for Digital Service Transformation for Scotland, Robbie is also responsible for GLOW – the national platform of web services that connects parents, students and teachers in the Scottish education system. So if you know any apps which improve a golf handicap or would like to discuss Digital in the public sector more generally, Robbie is contactable at The Scottish Government, Online Services Division.

She is also responsible for the newly established Open Digital Services Centre being established in Glasgow which will create up to 250 open source software jobs in the city. Before joining Policy Exchange he worked as a civil servant at HM Treasury and the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, and as a consultant at McKinsey & Company.
Currently she is employed by Oracle, the largest enterprise software company in the world, as Director for Oracle Scotland. He was also Global Chief Industrial Officer and Board Member of Philips Consumer Electronics, and latterly President of 3Com's business networks company. In 2006, John completed a review of public sector procurement in Scotland (The McClelland Report) and in 2011 completed a Review of ICT infrastructure in the public sector in Scotland, on behalf of the Scottish Government.
In addition, Robbie holds the position of Executive Director and Board Member at Visit Scotland.
He holds a first class degree in economics and a master's degree in economics and finance, both from the University of Cambridge. She is a Fellow of the RSA and sits on various Boards and Committees including E Skills, Scotland IS, Scottish Government ICT Advisory Board, a Trustee of Common Purpose and a member of the 2% club. He led the NHS ECDL programme that provided 10,000 NHS Scotland staff with online learning and tutor support to build the digital skills required for the 21st century. He was also the programme manager for the Industry Alliance for Jobs partnership with learndirect scotland, Microsoft, Cisco and Randstadt who worked with the existing infrastructure of learning organisations to improve their capacity to deliver meaningful IT training and certification.

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