Dig deeper into the mystery of your life and unravel the many "why's" that weigh on your mind. Maricarda Avilaa€™s Astrological soul vocation is directly linked to facilitating in the process of guiding individuals to re-connect with their own soul center and innate resources.
Her Private Metaphysical and Spiritual Counseling services commenced in 2007 and she received her Bachelora€™s degree in Divinity and Metaphysical Science in 2009. Hay Transformational Workshop Leader a€? Studied with Henry Selzter, the founder and creator of Astrograph Software a€? Studied with Risa Da€™Angeles at The Esoteric & Astrological Studies and Research Institute in Santa Cruz, CA a€? Studied Aura and Energy Cleansing at The Berkeley Psychic Institute in Mountain View, CA a€? Roman Catholic Catechism Teacher in Santa Clara County, CA a€? Guided meditation and Creative Visualization Facilitator in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Take a little time and do something for you at a place where you can feel comfortable to be you.

There's something for everyone, join our meet up and you can see what we have that's good for you, however we do encourage everyone to try something new because you never know until you try. The beauty of this meet up is there's no judgement or expectations because we want you to come as you are, relax, have fun and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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