AboutA much sought-after speaker on topics ranging from worldwide business growth, communications, marketing social networking and mobile marketing, Chief Marketing Officer of the iconic Eastman Kodak, Jeffrey Hayzlett has become a “Celebrity CMO” according to Forbes Magazine. The gauntlet of change is cruel, and change agents are exposed to all of its dastardly personnel. Since this is the case, leaders need to be seam operators – they operate across the seams of the company.

We don’t need to know too many details; we’ve already been through a lot of this before, and we don’t need it explained again. Find out what is breaking down within the seams of your company.  Change agents identify problems and then find ways to fix them or bring in people who can. Having appeared on shows including CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Fox Business News, and NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, organizations around the world are interested in the insights of this social media and marketing expert.

Hayzlett speaks frequently about business growth strategies, marketing and communication, and the advantages of social networking in a Web 2.0 world.

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