As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Both programs "Photo Viewer" and "Photo Gallery" display the images using a very light background color and there is no option provided to change this default color. If you always wanted to change this light background color to some other color in Photo Viewer or Photo Gallery program but never found a way to do this, here is something interesting for you. Today in this article, we are going to share a Registry tweak which will allow you to change default background color in Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Live Photo Gallery programs. For example, if you want to set the background color to black, set the value of BackgroundColor to ff000000 where 000000 is the 6-digit hex code of black color and ff is the prefix value which is required by the Registry key. PS: You can find the hex code of any desired color using an image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or you can find the hex codes by searching on Google. Tried your above registry tweaks to both Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Live Photo Gallery. Hi All, Please let me know if above tweak will work with windows xp picture and fax viewer? I'm using Vista 64bit sp2, it seems to only have Windows Live Gallery, unfortunately there was no change. Unfortunately, this didn't work for me on Windows 7 Professional 64bit, and I went through the procedure twice.
Windows 8?s new Start screen has been hotly debated since the operating system launched in preview mode earlier this year. We've seen some workarounds before but they require firing up the HEX editor to modify system files, and you are still limited to 256-color background images in a handful of specific sizes.

While we are at it, you may want to revisit other ways to customize and tweak Windows 8 to your liking. As shown in the examples below, your website can have either a khaki or white colored background in the main content area. Note: The site-config page does not need to be published, however you will need to do a site-wide publish to make sure every page gets updated on the live site.
Its a very basic image viewer which allows you to view images and to perform a few basic operations on images such as rotate, zoom, delete, set as Desktop background and slideshow. If you want a more advanced image viewer, Microsoft provides a better program "Photo Gallery" which is a part of Windows Essentials (previously known as Windows Live Essentials) suite.
Acknowledged by some as a bold step into the tablet market, and criticized by many others who prefer the familiar desktop experience, the new 'Modern UI Style' home is here to stay.
That?s more work than most people are probably willing to bother with and as you can imagine the results are not quite optimal.
Stardock?s latest Windows 8 customization app removes this limitation by giving users the ability to pick any picture they want, regardless of size or color range, as the Start screen background. Upon launching Decor8, you?ll be presented with a set of background images to choose from, including the start screen and desktop background images that Windows 8 ships with and also a set of wallpapers that Stardock ships with the app. There?s also the option to select multiple background images by holding down the Ctrl key, and have them rotate on a set time interval, as well as the option to fade background images against the start screen color for a subtle effect.
Another common complaint about Windows 8 is the lack of the old and trustworthy Start menu button on the desktop. Even before Windows 8 was finalized we were getting our hands dirty discovering what the new OS had to offer.

You can change the background color through the site-config page in the _internal folder of your website.
Site-wide publishes should be done outside of regular business hours (before 9am and after 5pm).
It also allows you to print the image, burn the image to a disc or email the image to other people. But beyond not offering a way to bypass this screen (not without the help of third-party utilities), surprisingly Microsoft is also limiting your options when it comes to customizing the Start screen's appearance. You get the usual fill, fit, tile and center options available in the classic desktop, and the program will automatically create a color scheme to match each of your background images -- or you can manually customize the color scheme if you?re so inclined. It?s a little unnerving to pay for such basic functionality but if you wish to customize the Windows 8 Start screen beyond what Microsoft offers this is the easiest-to-use tool we?ve found.
Fortunately there are a handful of replacements available from third-parties, including the open source Classic Shell, Stardock?s Start8, and Pokki.
Just hit press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager, select Explorer in the list, and click Restart on the bottom-right corner of the window (or through the right-click contextual menu). You can choose from a couple color schemes and 10 stock background images, but that's about it.
Although you can't do much about this you can make results less cluttered by excluding some apps you don?t intend to use.

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