Parents can also record their own voice to makeitsound as Santa and use it to set up the phone call.Santa Talking an app for the entire family in the Christmasandholiday! Speak into your microphone and listen to SantaClausrepeat your special holiday Xmas message loud. Ordoyou want to prank your little brother or sister intothinkingthey've been naughty this year?Naughty or Nice allows youto dojust that! With Naughty or Nice you can be sure that everyonewillwant to make the nice list this holiday season. Use Naughty orNiceas a motivator to ensure your child is behaving for Santayearround.If your kids need help behaving then load the app and showthemwho is calling. If that doesn't work then answerthecall from Santa (note that Santa does not actually call) andhave afake, one-sided conversation with Santa explaining theirbadbehavior. This app will enable you to request for aninstantcall from Santa to remind them that Santa is watching theirbadbehavior and will push them into his bad list of children.Hence,they will lose the chance of getting gifts. Your personal informationThis permission can make a fake call from your contacts, andalsoinsert to real call log;2.

StorageThis permission can record and edit fake calling voices, whicharestored in the SD card;4. If it does not still recognizeit,please restart your phone and try again- You should'n uninstall the key or revert to free versionIf you previously purchased Pro-version. Ever worried aboutsomeonecheck your call logs casually or purposely?Private Space helps you out!Private Space sets up a personal space on your phone where youcanadd any contacts in. And know whenfriendsare free to talk, making your calling experience smarter andmoredelightful. In addition to most awesome Fake your Caller IDfeaturewe also include an industry best Voice Faker that changesyourvoice to either a man or Woman as well as the ability to RecordtheCall ALL 100% FREE!So do you need to make a phone call and show a differentcallerid? Give your phone a cool mustache and mask and never revealyourreal phone number, caller id or voice.
Have them see your officephonenumber while enjoying your vacation!You are given free minutes when you install, and you canearnfree minutes to continue using the service simply by watchingavideo ad or trying out other apps.
Add a fake call log to your call history:- Fake call entry with anyone from your contacts list- Fake call from or to an unknown caller- Fake call from or to a private number- Fake call from any number that is not in your contacts list2.

Trick your friends and makethembelieve you received the message of their dream.Ever forgot to send an important SMS to someone?
When you download the Appyouget a two credits for free then if you like you maypurchasecredits. If the fake call screens don't look likethereal ones, let us know as we want to support as many devicesaspossible. If your device is not inthefollowing list, Whoscall may have some difficulties operatingonthat phone.

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