If you have multiple email accounts on your iPad and find that the deviceA is using the wrong email account to send your messages, then you can follow our guide below and select one of the other accounts that you have set up. Scroll down in the column at the right side of the screen, then select the Default Account option in the Mail section.
Are you getting frustrated by the fact that you always need to enter a passcode to unlock your iPad?

It will even combine all of your messages into one general inbox so that you can view all of them without having to leave the same screen. You can remove the passcode from your iPad so that you only need to swipe right on the lock screen to start using the tablet. But when you go to send an email message from outside the Mail account, the iPad will send it from the account that is set as the default on the device.

If you also wish to change the default contacts account or calendar account, then you can scroll to the respective sections on the menu in Step 3 above to change that setting.

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