August 11, 2012 6 Comments If you are looking to change the background color of posts in WordPress Admin based on the status then this article will help you.
In this tutorial we are going to explain how to add different background color to the posts in WordPress admin based on their current status. Color Admin Posts is a free WordPress plugin, that come with handy options to change the background color of posts, based on the status.
You can use the color code directly or can use the inbuilt color picket to select the background color of a particular post type and click on save button.

Here is another method, in which you need to add the below code to functions.php file in your WordPress theme folder. In case if you are using Thesis Theme, then you need to include this code in custom_functions.php file and save it. Hope you like this simple and useful tutorial on changing background color of posts in WordPress Admin based on the status. In back-end of WordPress admin, all posts page includes different types of posts Drafts, Published, Future, Pending, Private etc.

You can change the background color by replacing the code in this snippet with desired color code. We changed the background color of Drafts, actually made it a bit darker to easily identify them.

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