This web part is indeed helpful if there are a lot of AD accounts in your system, and users need to change their passwords from time to time due to security or other reasons. After installing SharePoint Password Change& Expiration , a new option will be available in the users' main dropdown menu. Administrators can easily create and customize confirmation E-mail to notify users their password has been successfully changed. After I followed the installation instructions, I could not get the Password Expiration Warning Web Part to function. Usually Microsoft SharePoint will keep the old password for 1 hour by default, so during this period, both old and new password work. Does Password Change allow users to log in through the portal (not domain users - these are local accounts on my SharePoint server) to change their password or does this only work for AD accounts?
The SharePoint Password Change also allows your local accounts to change their password, not only AD accounts.

I have installed SharePoint Password Change and it has been installed successfully, but when I add a web part it doesn't appear. Please activate the "SharePoint Password Change Menu" feature in the site collection feature list. After installing SharePoint Password Change, I cannot find the "change password" option in the welcome menu.
Please activate the "SharePoint Password Change" feature in the site collection feature list, after that you can find this option in the welcome menu. SharePointAdd-Ons is committed to building and fostering a beneficial relationship with our partners worldwide, join our Global Partner Program today.
Additionally you can add the SharePoint Password Change web part and Password Expiration web part to any SharePoint site.
By default, the feature should be activated after you have installed the software, but sometimes it depends on the policies in place on your SharePoint server.

With SharePoint Password Change & Expiration system administrator does not need to change all the passwords manually anymore. For further information on how to activate our products, please refer to the " Installation, Activation ,Upgrade ,Uninstalling Guide.
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