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A new campaign has been recently deployed by cybercriminals trying to extend the Asprox network of infected computers, relying on fake email messages pointing to malicious online locations. The crooks use as lure an alert that allegedly comes from Facebook, informing the recipient that their password for the social networking website has been changed. To make the communication more believable, the cybercriminals included in the email original graphics from Facebook and even a brief report of the suspicious activity that triggered the password reset action. Any geoIP search tool would show that the location in the email and the address are not a match, though.
With the trap set up, the victim is offered the possibility of changing their password by accessing a given link that should load a form, where the necessary information for completing the operation should be entered. Once compromised, the computer becomes part of the Asprox botnet, which is known for distributing spam and other malware. Asprox, also referred to as Kuluoz, was discovered in 2008 and is rented to cybercriminals for different purposes. Its infrastructure for distributing spam and malware is known to be a complex one, directing connections to specific pages, depending on the devices they originate from. Android and iOS users land on different pages that run different types of scams through malicious apps.

Visitors can also be directed to various adult websites, a different one for each platform, which either promote other dangerous locations or host malware.
This is just a quick service announcement: Twitter is investigating an issue with users becoming locked out of the service after changing their email address or username, or resetting their passwords. They go on to say that if you have made any of these changes but do manage to successfully log in, try to stay logged in for a few hours and don't use any third party applications. Test your new case-sensitive password by logging out of computer and logging into all of your HMS accounts.
This is a common problem that students see on Apple and iOS devices after they change their passwords. Unfortunately, this is something that you will have to fix from the registrar’s office down. Campaigns for increasing the number of infected computers in its network are carried out constantly. Until Twitter corrects the issue, it's best not to attempt any of these changes at this time. They suspect it may be a caching issue, and have prioritized it to be fixed as soon as possible. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

However, before this, a test is conducted, to check if the system it runs a version of operating system and web browser that is targeted by the cybercriminals, Hoax Slayer says. Here you will see you can forward emails to another account (including Gmail) as well as view any aliases set up through HMS. For full printing capabilities, you can install our printing software to your computer and print as you would from any computer on campus using a normal print dialog.
Once the change has been made with the registrar’s office, we can work to fix it on our end as well.
We also have a web print interface available, but this would require that you upload your documents through a webpage and doesn’t allow you to choose as many options before printing. Once this has been done, it’s easy to enter your new password and save this into your keychain for future use.

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