In windows 7 there is an option from where you can set font size using this option, following are the steps. Firstly, Click on Start button and then in search program and file option type “Control Panel” without double cod and then press Enter.
When you click on change font size option so magnifier tool window will appear, so you can set Smaller, Medium or Larger screen resolution.
Did you know Windows 7 comes with a built-in Registry tweak which allows you to easily customize or change the background image of Windows login screen (aka Welcome Screen)? Here %windir% represents "Windows" folder present in the system drive where Windows 7 is installed.
How to Disable “Install Windows Updates and Shut Down” Option in Windows Start Menu?
When i try copy the JPG file to that folder its showing me "Target folder does not exist" error. Hey, I tried editing aero.theme and it wont let me save because i do not have authority, i am the only user and the administrator? I was wondering if there was a way to have the file display for the logon screen be tiled rather than stretched to fit.

I've a suggestion as the registry method is not so successful as if we change the theme, Login screen will change to original ones. How to Enable "Group Policy Editor" (gpedit.msc) in Windows 7 Home Premium, Home Basic and Starter Editions? Seems like people get lost in this process; follow this step by stem and it should get you there. I would like to have all my domain computers to have the same logon page background color without going to each one. Hi, I think for a non-tech person it will be little bit confusion to play with the registry editor. If I want to install custom logon screen with Windows installation without any prompt, how to do it?
I solved the problem this way: I have recorded a JPEG format, RGB (usually it is written in the YUV) using Color Quantizer. I cant edit the aero.theme i already download the take ownership thing but the computer still say access denied. I deleted the original image in my "backgrounds" folder for the login screen and replaced it with a new one that has the same bakgroundDefault.jpg, and is below 256kb, but now the login screen just has the default blue background (windows 7 theme).

I tried everything and it still wouldn't work ***EXCEPT***, removing the ".jpg" from the photo name (which I had added to it), and it immediately worked!
The photo just needs to be a .jpg, but does NOT need it in the file name of the photo itself!
Yes, using this secret feature you can set any of your favorite wallpaper as Windows 7 login screen background without using any 3rd party software. You can also copy the file to Desktop, then edit and save the file and then replace original file with it. Once you copy the wallpaper to "backgrounds" folder, your Windows 7 login screen will start using this new wallpaper as background.

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