Once the early group time is over, the individual matches transition into their more focused activities together. Within the first few months of the YouthBuild program, each student, with the help of a counselor or other staff member, will begin a YouthBuild Life Plan, which requires the student to formally document his or her goals and brings those goals, hopes, and dreams into focus.
All YouthBuild Life Plans should include short- and long-term goals that the student sets, as well as strategies for achieving them.
Remember that YouthBuild Life Plans are subject to change over time, especially as graduation approaches and the student starts really thinking about next steps after YouthBuild. The challenge is that for the next 10 days, beginning immediately, commit to taking full control of all your mental and emotional faculties by deciding right now that you will not indulge in or dwell on any unresourceful thoughts or emotions for 10 consecutive days. It sounds easy, but you might be surprised how often your brain is engaged in unproductive, fearful, worrisome, or destructive thinking. Never spend more than 10% of your time on the problem, and spend at least 90% of your time on the solution. When I first attempted the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge it took me several weeks before I was able to go the 10 consecutive days. It will make you acutely aware of all the habitual mental and emotional patterns that are holding you back. It will give you an incredible sense of confidence as you can see that you can turn your life around in an instant. Most importantly, it will create new habits, new standards, and new expectations that will help you expand more than you could ever believe. The truth is, you already know and have amazing tools on how to change yourself, your thoughts, and your emotional state.
The best way to stay accountable to this is to commit to a friend or family member that you’re going to do this 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge.
Initially the 10 day mental diet challenge seemed so difficult and now into it for just 2 days i feel it is so rewarding. You can change your life in a moment – the moment you finally COMMIT and DECIDE to something. I am not sure about the name of the program my brother-in-law followed recently but is sounded much like the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge.
I commit to completing the 10 day mental diet challenge as well as starting to apply the morning and evening rituals from tomorrow! Make the people happier who love me and support me at any time when I am at the bottom of my life. I guess it’s a good tool for a happy person who just might happen to stumble from time to time. I am Committing to completing the 10 Day Challenge and creating a lifelong pattern of a positive emotional state! Tomorrow through 7 January 2016 is a ten-day timeframe and I publicly commit to use this timeframe for the mental diet challenge.

I have lost myself for one and a half years, and now, i am looking for ways to change myself desperately, I always know i can be the best, it is time to rewire my mind, bring it, ten days challenge!!!!!!!!! ABOUT STEFAN JAMESI'm a 7-figure internet entrepreneur and coach with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being. The King of All Media has taken it a step further and is auctioning off the virginity of San Diego native "Natalie Dylan".
The High Definite was created as a gateway from your droll, trivial, work existence to one of neverending stupidity provided by the internet.A  Escape, worker drone, from the ridiculous monotony of your day and explore the mindless entertainment we feed you.
A YouthBuild Life Plan requires young people to evaluate their leadership skills, engage in service opportunities, develop healthy relationships, and determine steps to building a positive social network. Specific plan areas include education, career, family and friends, leadership, mental and physical health, and asset development.
In the next 10 consecutive days, refuse to dwell on any unresourceful thoughts or feelings. For the next 10 consecutive days, make certain that your whole focus in life is on solutions and not problems. But i want to say i will can complete the 10 day mental diet challenge & i will take the challenge.
It can enhance once physical and mental well being!!, Its seems easy to follow to… Its a real good challenge to oneself!! One can actually come up with better solutons rather than dwelling upon them for days, also it has built a very positive air around me for others. I really want to find myself , let me to play an important part in this world, and be positive about every moment in my life. As we all know we are surrounded by people subconsciously drive us down on a regular basis, as a result it is easier to think negatively then positively, and by committed to this we all must develop a ritual that is more powerful then our peer group. And i heard once on audio of antony robbina (i really love tony robbins) about this book called 7 days metal diet. I work for a department called the Enterprise Service Desk supporting a medical services provider with 50,000 employees, on the second shift.
Project Life Mastery is a way for me to be a powerful and passionate example of the unlimited possibilities that life offers, while sharing ideas that can make a difference in your quality of life.
Looking at the sample YouthBuild Life Plan categories below, it’s easy to see how these personal goals and objectives could lead to mentoring activity ideas. Encourage mentors to be flexible as they work with mentees during YouthBuild Life Plan-related activities. But once I was able to successfully finish it, it helped me condition myself for a tremendous, lifelong pattern of staying in a positive emotional state, even when there were challenges around me, and focusing the majority of my energy on solutions. I don’t know whether or not this is the best time for me but I rather start the 10 day Mental diet on my vacation so I already gained a certain amount of momentum to fight all those stresses that happens on a regular daily basis in my workplace.
One of them sought treatment, has been taking an SSRI for about six months and feels very good about it.

On my days off, I frequently and lackadaisically browse through youtube discussions and maybe go to see a movie.
If they need other activity ideas, share this listing of other potential one-on-one mentoring activities (PDF). However, if you continue to dwell on unrsourceful thoughts or feelings for more than a minute, you must wait until the following morning to start the ten days over.
This is only for those who are fully committed to conditioning their nervous systems for new, empowering emotional patterns that can take their lives to the next level. Sick site too tho bro, very inspirational, just what I need… actually made it my homepage!
Now I need a good mental cleanse and hopefully just like eating, I will utilize this just as much. In addition, you can set yourself up for success each morning for the next 10 days by developing a morning ritual to get yourself in a peak emotional state each day.
The goal of this program is 10 consecutive days without holding or dwelling on a negative thought or state. I do not know if we will reunite and need be at peace that if it is meant to be it will be .
Love the morning ritual template and have been using it for a couple days now and already has made a large impact on my whole day! Medication can help some people boost their mood enough to regain the will to start something like this program. This starting-over process must happen no matter how many days in a row you’ve already accomplished the task.
I have had this time to reflect on my own behaviors and have acknowledged them fully and have actively made changes for the better . It is very important to start this routine-based emotional and physical re-wiring as soon as you are able.
I’ve already done a fair amount of studying for this exam, and through prayer and meditation a number of different times, including this morning, I have the belief that this is a sufficient timeframe. I have struggled with grief and depression, and based on my research and experience, this blog really offers a great combination of proven tools. Therefore, I publicly declare I will abstain from fruitless and counterproductive mental patterns over the next 10 days and focus with discipline to achieve the desired outcome.

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