Aphelions Organisational Change Management toolkit provides a comprehensive set of guides, accelerators and templates to enable managers, project teams and consultants who are engaged in delivering change programmes. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. 4 levers that payment innovation can support Lever Payment innovation Make value-conscious choices ? Allow provider to benefit from 1 ? Practice (eg. Telemedicine has potential to change the doctor-patient relationship, how medical services are provided, and make a doctor visit more convenient. Telemedicine uses technology -- most often a computer -- to exchange information and provide medical service to patients who could be anywhere except the doctor's office. Not long ago, telemedicine would have been unthinkable -- except maybe between medical professionals or facilities.A  But today, patients can be provided with equipment to monitor a chronic illness or just to diagnose an acute sickness like a cold.
The idea is to provide treatment without having to physically travel to the healthcare provider, improve quality of care often through preventive measures, and save time and money.

ON Tuesday's Smart Talk, we'll learn about telemedicine, how it's used, and what the future holds for it. Appearing on the program are Martin Ciccocioppo, Vice President of Research for the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania and Dr.
It was while working on your senior thesis that you got your first experience in healthcare design.
Around that same time, I had this incident where my grandmother had taken my grandfather’s medication. I wanted to try to change that so I came up with this new idea to develop a whole system to package prescription medication. Prior to launching my firm, I partnered with Target to develop the ClearRx prescription packaging system. We did a study where 68 nurses were given a state-of-the-art dressing and asked to apply it onto a wound on a model.

We went into the gemba to learn how to improve the kit by redesigning it to how people actually use the product. For example, we put a big picture of the contents on the outside of the package so nurses could see what was inside before opening the foil wrap, which would reduce the chance of wasting it or it becoming unsterile. The collaborations between designers and architects and physicians and patients and nurses, everyone seems more open now than ever before to sharing information and innovating in this space.
Now that hospitals are no longer single facilities but systems, there’s a lot more need for continuity of patient experience throughout all of the different touch points on the continuum of care.

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