This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Since most Ubuntu documentation asks you to use sudo even with graphical applications, I often get asked by Ubuntu users why I recommend gksudo or kdesudo for graphical applications instead of sudo. These errors occur because sometimes when sudo launches an application, it launches with root privileges but uses the user's configuration file.
For example, if you launch Firefox with the command gksudo firefox it uses root's Firefox configuration file.
But if you launch Firefox with the command sudo firefox it runs with root privileges but uses the user's configuration file (in this case, you can see the homepage and theme are different). Change a few settings while launched as root, and you'll see if you dig into your Firefox profile that certain files are now owned by root.
If you made exceptions, you would have to give people a list of all the graphical applications that are okay to run as sudo and a list of all the graphical applications that must be run as gksudo or kdesudo. Why make a list that needs to be compiled and updated, that most people won't refer to, and that is completely unnecessary? You may notice that even though gksudo is the proper way to launch graphical applications, if you launch a gksudo application it will sometimes give you what appears to be an error.
Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed.

These are not real errors, and there's already been a bug report filed on the first message appearing. If you have suggestions or corrections for these tutorials, please post in this Ubuntu Forums thread or leave a comment on my blog. Microsoft is expected to release a new testing build of Windows 10 Technical Preview very soon, but the company is still trying to keep all details secret, as work is said to continue on some specific features. One of them is a new user interface for the network button on the Charms bar that allows you to manage and create new connections for your device.
A report by Neowin reveals that starting with the upcoming build of Windows 10 TP, all network settings will be launched in a dedicated window, which includes Wi-Fi options, VPN connections, and a list of available wireless networks.
It turns out that this change is already available in Windows 10 Technical Preview build 946x, but it’s not yet clear if the same version of the operating system would be shipped to users or not. Many of the features that are currently implemented in Windows 10 Technical Preview are very likely to change before the final bits of the operating system are released to users. People close to the development process have said that the Charms bar is very likely to go away from the operating system, as Microsoft is working to make the desktop more appropriate for PCs where the mouse and keyboard continue to be the main input method.
Revamping the network connections UI is pretty much the first step towards this important change, which could in the end keep the charms available exclusively for tablet users. For example, the company is expected to introduce new window animations and effects that would make the operating system a bit more appealing in terms of looks, as well as visual changes when opening and closing the Start menu.

A notification center could also be implemented in the next version of Windows 10 TP, but it’s not yet clear whether Microsoft wants to make this feature available with some locked features, or the company prefers to wait a little bit longer until more options are developed. More to come on this in the coming days, however, as we’re already hearing from sources close to the development process that the company is readying the debut of the new build. For a lot of applications, you can run them the improper way—using sudo for graphical applications and see no adverse side effects. There are other times, though, when side effects can be as mild as Firefox extensions not sticking or as extreme as as not being able to log in any more because the permissions on your .ICEauthority changed. Running graphical applications with sudo also has the downside of always having to be run from the terminal. Just be consistent in suggesting good practice: gksudo and kdesudo for graphical applications. If you don't use the proper command—gksudo or kdesudo, you will not be able to use the command as an icon launcher or keyboard shortcut because there will be no graphical dialogue box to enter your sudo password in.

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