This article will show you how to change Home Page and default Search Engine in Internet Explorer. Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus – A Buyers Guide and Review ( May 18, 2016) How to Sync iTunes with Android device?
When you open a new tab by clicking on the New Tab button or by pressing Ctrl+T in IE9, the new tab page (about:Tabs) opens by default.
This tutorial will show you how to have new tabs in IE9 or IE10 open to either a Blank Page, New Tab (about:Tabs), or your first Home Page Home Page. NOTE: It just depends on what you have listed as your first Home Page for what the new tab will open to if this is selected. NOTE: This is also known as the Your most popular sites (IE9) or Frequent sites (IE10) page as well. I've followed every step of your guide and it seems to be working ok; I think the difference was changing the home page. If you enjoy Internet Explorer Wallpapers, there are many options spanning a wide variety of interests with regard to Internet Explorer browser themes.  You are sure to find one that fits your unique personality, all the while keeping your beloved browsing functions the same. Brand Thunder is a leader in the interactive browser theme market and specializes in Internet Explorer Themes.  Enjoy the large portfolio of Internet Explorer themes in the IE theme gallery.
ABOUT BRAND THUNDERBrand Thunder interactive themes are available for some of the most recognizable brands in sports, music, publishing and the most popular browsers. I found a lot of misinformation online when doing this too which was surprising, I’ll add notes in around what I found on that too.
Setting it as the default is possible from the popup when clicking the button, or going into your Add-ons and ticking the right search engine as your default.
If you were starting from scratch, you can package up IE10 using the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) and add in extra search engines as well as specify the default.
Group Policy is the obvious choice, but there is no inbuilt way to configure search engines natively via normal Group Policy Preferences.
There are a lot of sites that have ADM files that claim they will configure IE’s search engine. Each added search provider has it’s own GUID randomly generated under the SearchScopes Key. URL is the address used when you type a non-http formatted address into the URL address bar. ShowSearchSuggestions is an on or off option (0 off, 1 on) to configure if you’ll be shown the search suggestions or not. FaviconURL is the little icon that appears in a few different spots in IE when doing searches.
DisplayName just shows the name of the search provider in a few areas, this can be anything you want. OSDFileURL is where the addon was obtained from, I’m not sure of the importance on this. Several people have decided to copy and paste this (just like I have), but failed to realise they’re the exact same key! Another catch is that the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE setting for the default search provider may be set, and that will override any user setting.

If you’d rather just have Google do a search based on anything you type in the URL field, you can either modify the Bing URL key under the current user, or delete all search providers and change the HKLM URL.
So what this all comes down to is there’s no way I could find to do both a silent install of a search engine and default it, without either the user knowing or not having the option to change it.
You may set a search engine, a favorite website, a social site as your home page or you could set it so that a blank page opens when you launch your browser. Launch your Internet Explorer, click on Settings in the top right side and select Internet Options. In Chrome, click on the Customize and control Google Chrome button in the top right corner.
After you have launched Opera, in the top left corner, click on the Customize and control Opera button.
To change the home page in Edge browser, in the top right corner of the browser, click on More and select Settings.
Using this procedure you can even set multiple home pages in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. The best solution would be to fix the issues you are having that make you need compatibility view. If you could describe the issues which occur when not running in compatibility mode, those could be fixed. I had the exact same problem, this - "meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7">" works great in IE8 and IE9, but not in IE10. If you’d like to change the Browser mode for all users (rather than changing it manually in the tools or through the settings), the only way (AFAICT) is to get your site added to Microsoft’s Copat View List. The preferred method however is to try to fix any issues on the site first, as when you don’t run using the latest document and browser mode you can not take advantage of improvements in the browser, such as increased performance. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged internet-explorer internet-explorer-10 or ask your own question.
To maximize the chance of correctly guessing the result of a coin flip, should I always choose the most probable outcome?
Our forum is dedicated to helping you find support and solutions for any problems regarding your Windows 7 PC be it Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. The next time that you open a new tab in IE9 or IE10, the selected page above will be opened. Preferences can be used to deploy registry settings though, which can configure pretty much everything IE does.
Under the General tab itself, you will see the setting to create one or multiple home page tabs. If you wish, you can also lock your Internet Explorer home page, so that no one will be able to change it. Under Open with you can set Edge to open with a Start page, new tab page, Previous pages or A specific page or pages.
I don't know if there is any difference but so far I have only been able to switch the later using meta tags.

The Browser mode is chosen before the page is requested, so there is no way to include any markup, JavaScript or such to change this. Not when the solution is to replace the software completely and a fix is needed until then.
It is of course very reasonable that Microsoft would bundle their own search engine with the browser but not many appreciate it.
Without further ado, launch your Internet Explorer and let us see how you can change Bing to another search engine. Feel free to close any remaining open windows and start searching with your favorite provider. My expertise are in Operating Systems, mainly Windows and Computer security which comes from my experience, working as Tech Support and Trainer for Microsoft, Symantec and McAfee.
We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks.
Different regions have slightly different settings, so don’t just get it off the net. Users will get prompted next time they open IE asking if they want to change their default search engine.
You can use the Current page which may be open in your Firefox, anyone from your Bookmarks or set it to open a blank page using about:blank. To open Edge with a blank page, select the last option and enter about: blank in the space provided. On the other hand the later was sufficient to get the pages I had trouble with to run again. While the Document mode falls back to older standards and quirks modes of the rendering engine, the Browser mode just changes things like how the browser identifies, such as the User Agent string. There is information on how to remove your site from the compat view list, but none I can find to request that you're added. While Bing has its merits, there are tons of people out there that use different search engines like the ever-popular Google.
You should now get a pop up asking you if you would like to make that your default search engine so check the appropriate box and click on Add.
Loves blogging about Technical Troubleshooting, discussing latest Gadgets, Games and doing Reviews. In this post we will see how to set, reset or change the home page in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge browsers on Windows 10. Additionally, because of the way Internet Explorer works, it is not completely obvious how to change the engine like it is in other popular browsers.
If not, you will be redirected to the screen where you manage the search providers and you will be able to change it there. You can also use about:Tabs which is the same as selecting Use new tab button, or the Current page which may be open in your Internet Explorer.

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