These websites keep a track of your IP address and permit the next file download from a particular IP address only after a certain time period.
Once the above mentioned commands are executed, they will automatically reset your internet modem and a fresh IP address will be assigned to your PC.
ABOUT USTechBuzz brings you latest news about Technology, Computer Tips and Tricks, Gadget Information, How-To's - all under one banner. There is also another way to change an IP address, by placing Proxy IP address and this can be done by going through tools then options, advance tab, then click on settings, check on manual proxy configuration and fill the proxy IP and then ok. That's right, but make sure the IP that you put don't have another pc on the network or this could create a conflict the IP. I always change my ip this way on windows xp but now since ive updated to windows 7 I try to change my ip and it always stays the same its driving me crazy any help why ?
If the device remains connected to the network, the lease will be renewed with the same IP. Changing an IP address just on a private network really doesn't help you much, if any from a security stand point. If you wanna find out how to quickly change IP, follow the steps that I am going to give you and find out what is on the field that’s right for you. If you want to download it, connect to its official website and click UltraSurf Free Download. Would you like to discover how to quickly change IP address without downloading or installing software on your computer? If you use a router that supports UPnP protocol, you can restart it quickly and then quickly change your IP address with a program called Router Reconnect. You can also quickly change your IP address using the Automatic Reconnection of Jdownloader, the well-known program to quickly download files from Megaupload, Rapidshare and other hosting services.

One of the main reasons is IP download limit imposed by various file sharing sites like Megaupload, Rapidshare etc. However, it is possible that you bypass this restriction by simply changing your computer’s IP address. If you want to change the IP address of your internet connection, you should contact your service provider, as they're the ones who exert control over this.
I don't think changing your IP vs getting it automatically from your router has do much help. In some case (LAN) you can change the IP for another, BUT this is 'cause the range of IP isn't public, is private. Now I no longer need to call him in case I run into any IP related networking trouble so thanks.
Even if a device is disconnected from a network, if you reconnect before the lease has expired, it will pick up the same IP.
You were downloading some files from the Web and the hosting service you were using has blocked you because your IP has reached the maximum number of daily downloads. Usually located in the Administration section or System Tools, and just click on it to ensure that the devices Provide and reboot itself and re-establish the connection to the Internet in a matter of 30-40 seconds.
You can always try to change your IP address by contacting programs like UltraSurf, a free tool that allows you to surf the Internet with an IP address other than their own to protect the privacy and bypass regional limits of various Internet sites.
Immediately connect to the Internet site of online proxy Hide My Ass, paste the URL of the Web page that you want to visit using an IP disguised in the bar located at the center of the screen and click on the yellow button Hide My Ass! Download it by connecting to its website and by clicking on one of the two voices Download.
By doing so, these file sharing sites make sure that limited download slots are allotted to free users.

Normally, you try to change your PC’s IP address by turning off your internet modem and turning it on again, but this trick is not successful all the time.
You need to simply use the below mentioned trick to change your PC’s IP address in less than a minute.
In fact if you are at work, the whole people their can't play the game you are banned because their IP will be the same.
If the IP that was assigned to you has limited access, then you can only see those pages allowed.
At this point, it will open an Internet Explorer window through which you can browse any site using an IP disguise.
When the download is completed open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded and run the program RouterReconnect.exe to restart your router without access to his inner panel or turn it off manually. Typically servers record details of the device which it communicates with using a mac code. To end the connection camouflaged, just click on the Exit button in the main window of the program. Unfortunately the program does not always function, depends on the model of router you have.
This is an identifier built into the network ports of most network type devices including routers, computer network cards, modems and such like.

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