There is also another way to change an IP address, by placing Proxy IP address and this can be done by going through tools then options, advance tab, then click on settings, check on manual proxy configuration and fill the proxy IP and then ok. That's right, but make sure the IP that you put don't have another pc on the network or this could create a conflict the IP. I always change my ip this way on windows xp but now since ive updated to windows 7 I try to change my ip and it always stays the same its driving me crazy any help why ?
If the device remains connected to the network, the lease will be renewed with the same IP.
Changing an IP address just on a private network really doesn't help you much, if any from a security stand point. TweetNot many users are aware that Windows 7 provides more than one way to configure a workstation’s network adaptor IP address or force it to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server. In order to successfully change the IP address via Command Prompt, Windows 7 requires the user to have administrative rights.
At the Administrative Command Prompt, type netsh interface ip show config, which will display the network adapters available on your system and their names. In our example, we’ll be modifying the IP address of the interface named Wireless Network Connection, which is our laptop’s wireless network card.
Even if the Wireless Network Connection is set to be configured via DHCP, we can still configure a static IP address. This command forces the DNS server setting without any validation and therefor no error will be presented at the CLI output in case the DNS server is not reachable. This article showed how to configure a Windows 7 network interface with an IP address, Gateway and DNS server, using the Administrative Command Prompt.
SafeIP will protect your online identity by hiding your IP address from websites, email, games and so on. It will encrypt all your Internet traffic with a private proxy.
Once you have installed and run it, you will have to click on the Connect button to change your IP address. On the main Dashboard, you can view your original IP address, change your IP proxy location and see a quick overview of which protection settings you have turned on. From the Settings tab, you can change your preferences and in fact even opt to rotate your IP address automatically after a set period of time.
Fast Content Streaming. Recommended if you run SafeIP while going to streaming content sites or Internet radio.

While SafeIP ran smoothly on my Windows 8, at times I did see the following error window a couple of times.
To get the best connection speeds, it might be a good idea to choose the location which is closest to your real location. Changing the IP(Internet Protocol) address of your computer is a basic thing we do at times. Important Note: Once you set your IP address manually, the DHCP host will not allocate the IP address for your network adapter. If you want to change the IP address of your internet connection, you should contact your service provider, as they're the ones who exert control over this.
I don't think changing your IP vs getting it automatically from your router has do much help. In some case (LAN) you can change the IP for another, BUT this is 'cause the range of IP isn't public, is private.
Now I no longer need to call him in case I run into any IP related networking trouble so thanks.
Even if a device is disconnected from a network, if you reconnect before the lease has expired, it will pick up the same IP. While the most popular method is configuring the properties of your network adaptor via the Network and Sharing Center, the less popular and unknown way for most users is using the netsh Command Prompt. This means even if you are not the administrator, you must know the administrative password, since you will be required to use the administrative command prompt. In the search dialog box that appears, type cmd and right-click on the cmd search result displayed.
Note down the name of the network adaptor for which you would like to set the static IP address. We also showed how to set a Windows 7 network interface to obtain an IP address automatically from a DHCP server. It offers Cookie, Referer, Browser ID, Wi-Fi and DNS protection and also keeps you protected from malicious websites. Should you want to change you IP again, you can click the Change IP button, and your IP address will be changed.
Well the IP address we see in our local computer network adapters are mostly for a local networking purpose.

It may be required when you want a local connection be done with no DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) servers. This can be used to change the IP Address of any adapter like Wireless LAN, Local Area Connection, Bluetooth Adapters or even virtual Network Adapters. Default gateway is required when you have to connect to the internet using a router or another computer.
DNS servers may be required in case of a direct connection to the internet through you adapter.
Make sure you set it to Obtain an IP address automatically in Step 4 in order to use DHCP host addresses. In fact if you are at work, the whole people their can't play the game you are banned because their IP will be the same. If the IP that was assigned to you has limited access, then you can only see those pages allowed.
Select this setting if you mostly go online for normal web surfing, with little Internet application usage.
This optimization is useful if your ISP blocks bulk mail or ports associated with sending mail.
It is because of the DHCP servers are present in most of our systems, we need not provide an IP for every connection, the DHCP host takes cares of the IP allocation. Typically servers record details of the device which it communicates with using a mac code.
But when you are in your own custom network without a DHCP host, we definitely require to set the IPs of our own to fit in the network. This is an identifier built into the network ports of most network type devices including routers, computer network cards, modems and such like.

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