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Today at Zyncro we’re presenting a new infographic — it’s a very simple illustration of 3 different ways to use our platform and make the most of its features so that your business benefits. A few days ago we published an article by Luis Miguel Diaz Meco where he talked about how some things in which good internal communication can help companies achieve and perhaps companies that may not yet know the potential of good internal communication.
At Zyncro we know that many of the main internal company communication problems can be solved with a good communication tool for employees.
At Zyncro we know that one of the key aspects for a company in deciding to implement an Enterprise Social Network is ROI of the tool. The need to explain to companies the ROI of Enterprise Social Networks is what made us create this infographic.
Recently there’s a lot of talk about “engagement” in digital marketing, meaning trying to achieve user loyalty through the social networks, but I’d like to rehash the original meaning of this term, which has been used in HR for some time. In the web 2.0 age, it is time to change the suggestion box and the “Employee of the Month” photo for new forms of communication with the workforce, which also act as a stimulus to retain and strengthen human capital.
Sara Jurado is psychologist specialized in career counseling and social media for professional development, and currently works as Professional Counselor at Barcelona Activa.
To show you everything that Zyncro represents today, and in line with our usual style we’ve created a new infographic. The organizational change towards the Enterprise or Company 2.0 has become more consolidated with a new widespread communication and knowledge management model in companies.
Corporate directory, with contact info on all the people in your organization as well as your external contributors. A climate change research project in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, involving local partners, the company Oubu Coffee and co-author of the study Bo Dalsgaard, is an example of recommended research collaborations across geographical, climatic and political-economic boundaries. Collaborations on climate change research are divided into separate regions of the world with little knowledge exchange between them shows a new Danish-Brazilian study led by the University of Copenhagen. When new research on climate change is published it most often concerns and is produced by the developed countries and the BRICS countries Brazil, India, China and South Africa rather than countries most vulnerable, but less contributing, to climate change.
The little research that does concern developing countries often lacks a locally based author. In total, the study analysed author affiliations of more than 15.000 climate change publications published between 1999 and 2010. A large group of countries has few or no locally based authors in climate change research publications. With the exception of some South American and African countries who share research interests, knowledge exchange on climate change suffers from large regional divides, in particular among vulnerable, developing regions.
The study recommends initiatives that focus on strengthening collaborations across geographical distances and across national differences in climate, export, democracy and national economy, as well as strengthening the local production and integration of knowledge.

He is personally involved in a collaborative project across geographical, climatic and political-economic boundaries with UNICAMP in Brazil, the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, local coffee growers from, amongst other players, the Jamaican Coffee Growers' Association, and the London-based gourmet coffee brand Oubu Coffee. Maya Pasgaard also has experience with research collaboration across regions, working together with a local researcher from Cambodia on community-based forest protection to mitigate climate change.
A new study examining carbon exchange in the Amazon rainforest following extremely hot and dry spells reveals tropical ecosystems might be more sensitive to climate change than previously thought. Each year, about a quarter of the carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere ends up in the ocean, but how it happens is still not fully understood. Colourful, low-intensity grasslands not only look attractive, they also offer valuable habitat for many plants and animals. If countries and farmers make adjustments in what crops they grow and where, then the effects of climate change on the global economy may not be as severe as feared, a Stanford economist says. Current rates of climate change could trigger instability in a major Antarctic glacier, ultimately leading to more than 2m of sea-level rise.
Sharks swim around a platform off Mexico's east coast as scientists drill deep into the ocean floor, extracting the remains of the asteroid widely blamed for the demise of the dinosaurs.
Emissions from farms outweigh all other human sources of fine-particulate air pollution in much of the United States, Europe, Russia and China, according to new research. As climatologists closely monitor the impact of human activity on the world's oceans, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have found yet another worrying trend impacting the health of the Pacific Ocean. Effective December 10, 2010, Texas is no longer issuing updated license plate stickers with token trailer renewals. This will make it more important for the drivers to check the documentation on the truck or trailer they are pulling to make sure the registration is current, as they will not be able to tell by simply looking at the trailer license plate.
What was once a mere product is now a solution that can respond to the needs of any company. Do you want to know how an enterprise social network or internal network can help your company?
We give you 10 good reasons about the benefits it could bring to your company in an infographic. If you want to convince your boss to implement one in your organization, don’t abstractly talk about the cultural transformation needed, or try to scaremonger them into what will happen if they miss the boat that many other companies are climbing onboard successfully.
With a diploma in Teaching and a degree in Audiovisual Communication from UPF, he has worked for several European producers such as Filmtel-DVDreams and Infinia.
Discover how an Enterprise Social Network can help you to install a shared culture in your organization and its benefits. After several experiences in major enterprises and becoming a business owner, he joined the Zyncro team to help develop the brand internationally.
Because in the same way we seek to build links with customers, it is important in moments of change, perhaps now more than ever, to encourage employee involvement and commitment.
We need to follow Deloitte’s example, a company where more than 3,000 employees have blogs on their social network D Street.

The most vulnerable countries of the world are largely disconnected from the production and flow of scientific knowledge on climate change, leaving their climate policymaking with little contextually relevant advice. For instance, only about one fifth of the publications concerning climate change in Africa have a locally based first author - for the developed regions, it is two thirds of the publications.
This is particularly worrying as we are dealing with countries likely to experience severe climatic changes and that are most sensitive to its detrimental impacts" says lead-author and postdoc Maya Pasgaard from the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at the University of Copenhagen.
Authors focusing on the same countries for climate change research typically share geographical proximity, common climate, politics and economic characteristics. We also urge individual researchers and private companies alike to take responsibility for increasing cross-national collaborations and thus increase knowledge exchange between regions". Together they study the effects of climate on the pollination of coffee in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, West Indies. As researchers we have to be willing to drive the transition forward through such opportunities and networks. This questiona€”summed up in the famous Drake equationa€”has for a half-century been one of the most intractable and uncertain in science. It is a key player in the global carbon cycle, producing about half of the world's output of organic carbon.
The registration renewal (RTS) receipt must be carried in the pulling unit or trailer for presentation to law enforcement as proof of valid registration.
Counties in Texas will continue to issue plates that have a space for the sticker until supply is depleted, even though stickers are no long required to be displayed.
With a Master’s degree in Technology and Innovation Management from the Universite Paris Dauphine, in conjunction with ENS Cachan and Mines Paritech, he specializes in Social Networks and issues linked with innovation. When it comes down to it, internal customers need to be looked after just as much as external ones… So when the socioenconomic environment is rather unfavorable, low-cost labor motivation strategies can have a positive effect not only on employee morale, but on productivity. Or Evernote’s, where there isn’t a telephone for every desktop but there is a robot for communicating by video conferencing; in the same way, they have installed a giant screen that transmits what is happening in the headquarters so that the employees who don’t work there feel like they do.
The study calls for initiatives across private, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and from researchers themselves to diminish the knowledge gap.
For some countries, such as the Republic of Congo and North Korea with up to 72 relevant publications, there are no locally based authors, not even co-authors.
Waiting for international institutions or governments to create new initiatives is not the only way forward" says Bo Dalsgaard.
In fact, according to data from Gallup, companies with a high level of employee involvement in the organization report 50% higher sales and 27% higher profits.

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