Fast-forward a year or so, and I meet Chris at a friend’s dinner party and immediately fall for him. We had never talked about changing my name or really any traditions when we decided to get married. Unsubscribe at any timeNameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Though I had spoken to Chris about not wanting to hurt my father by changing my name, as I knew he cared deeply about it.
And back in grade school, I had imagined that when I would meet the love of my life, he would probably have a worse last name than mine. On the flip side, I also felt like it was my choice and being presented with the option of becoming Erin Reynolds became more and more enticing.

But he didn’t care after I told him that if Chris and I had kids they would have Chris’s last name.
The freedom to choose to take on a new name, or to be a new version of yourself (in my mind, Erin Reynolds is a classy lady who wears lace gloves and doesn’t have food in her hair all the time).
I had come to almost enjoy the shock people had when they heard my last name and knew that at least everyone would always remember me.
Oh, the days of wincing whenever I was asked for my full name would become a thing of the past! I felt like a deeper bond was created between Chris and me that day when I told him I would become a Reynolds. I think there’s something deeply romantic about sharing a name, and I’ve got to admit, it’s the first time in my entire life that I’ve been able to say my name without hesitation.

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