Clearly, one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is implementing change effectively.
A widely accepted mindset is based on two assumptions: that behavior and changes in behavior can be planned and that processes can be consistent and controlled. Perhaps this is because typical leadership development builds leaders’ capability to solve problems – not on their ability to deal with ambiguity, paradoxes, and dilemmas. I recently collaborated in an international research study to explore the question, “What makes change work?” Thirty leaders in 30 organizations were asked to tell their stories about both successful and unsuccessful changes. Sets boundaries and rules so people know expectations of the work as well as values and behaviors. Makes it safe to say risky things and have “hard conversations” via empathy and high-quality dialogue skills.
Results of our study revealed that the combination of these practices explained around 50% of the variance in change success. Much of what we “know” about effective leadership could actually be inhibiting our ability to make change happen. This study was led by Malcolm Higgs, professor at University of Southampton School of Management and Transcend Consulting. Need an insightful, interactive experience for your team, department meeting or conference?
After reading a short eBook on spiritual leadership from John Piper, I wanted to share some real practical tips from the book that were very helpful for me. You can get people to do what you want, but if they don’t change in their heart you have not led them spiritually. The spiritual leader must be a person who meditates on the Word of God and who prays for spiritual illumination. A spiritual leader must be a person who has strong confidence in the sovereign goodness of God to work everything together for his good. Sounds like some great advice from someone with 30-plus years of experience in spiritual leadership. Slade & Associates create leadership development programs customized to the needs and strategies of each client. Our strategy for leadership development combines leadership assessment, experiential learning and individual leadership coaching. Before any leadership development program, we strongly recommend leadership assessment using leadership behavior measures or 360 feedback. Slade & Associates can work with you to provide individualized, experience-based leadership development experiences. Individual leadership coaching cements the learning by helping the leaders to apply their new skills and concepts to their leadership on the job. The Slade & Associates coach will help the leader translate learning into action plans by analzying the gap between current behaviors and desired success.
The coach will help the leader create behavioral commitments in the form of smart goals to implementing the action plans. Allen's thoughtful approach and insights on leadership helped me to manage change and to grow as a leader. Allen Slade Leaders face tough decisions, with competing priorities, time pressures and poor data.

If you are a leader, you will continually deal with change…because you are trying to convince people to go forward and to go forward means there is movement and whenever there is movement there is change.   Leaders have to get their people ready for change…if they were ready…they wouldn’t need you! After analyzing 70 such stories, we identified four leadership behavior types, which we then related to the relative success of the change initiatives.
We also found that traditional leader-centric behaviors (problem-solving, etc.) were associated with failed change attempts. If our study results are supported by others, we need to learn how to develop leaders who can make change happen effectively. To learn more about this research and guidance on developing effective practices, see Sustaining Change: Leadership that Works by Deborah Rowland and Malcolm Higgs (Jossey Bass, 2008). Otherwise, his faith will grow weak and his love will languish and no one will be moved to glorify God because of him. Otherwise, he will inevitably fall into the trap of manipulating circumstances and exploiting people in order to secure for himself a happy future which he is not certain God will provide. Love Both Friend and Foe By Trusting in God and Hoping in His Promises: demonstrate love, even to those who oppose your work. We focus on developing leaders through Intelligent Change by combining leadership assessments, dialogue for insight, gap analysis, action planning and commitment to change. This provides data for the leader to use to identify opportunities for development and strengths to leverage. We have proven developmental exercises and simulations we can customize for your situation, or we can work with you to create specific exercises or simulations that recreate the leadership challenges your leaders face.
Allen Slade as a mentor and professional coach while attending the College of William and Mary. They focus attention and effort on the key accomplishments needed for organizational success. We know that change implementation is one of the most important roles of leadership, so the combination of these two points suggests that we should question what we’ve learned about leadership in wrestling with the challenges of change.
But research on change failure shows that little emphasis is placed on the importance of the change leaders’ role, while a major cause of change failure can be attributed to the failure of leaders.
Therefore, we should be training leaders to practice all these behaviors to succeed in leading change. Perhaps it’s time to forget what we think we know about leadership and explore its nature in a new way. He goes on to talk about the “outer circle of spiritual leadership and lists about 16 traits there.
This intitial assessment also provides a baseline for measuring leader growth and evaluating the effectiveness of your leadership development program. His program activities immerse you in safe environments, where you can practice, review, and modify your leadership competency. He dedicated his teaching and coaching to integrating his experience in business with contemporary research on leadership to guide young professionals to become leaders. I built courage to follow-through with my goals using tools such as centering in the moment and overcoming self-restricting barriers. Leadership and change are constantly together.If you want to make enemies…try to change something. Of the many leaders we can look to as good examples, Gandhi comes closest to expressing how we now need to think: The most powerful legacy in life is to enable others, to let them be the best they can be.

Slade's coaching sessions were invaluable to my personal and professional journey while at William and Mary.
Second, he will lead you through a process that allows you to give a voice to your aspirations. Christian leaders are entrusted with the spiritual lives of their congregants or employees.
In the short work, Piper goes on to talk about the inner circle of spiritual leadership—which is basically the sequence of event that happens in the human soul that must happen to take the first step in spiritual leadership. Finally, he will help you to see how you can empower yourself through all of the hubris, naysayers and self doubts and arrive at a place that only you can equivocate, which is victory!
Slade patiently directed my composure as I battled a major obstacle in my professionalism by helping slow my speech rate when articulating my purpose and passion. You will be disappointed…of the people you thought who would…but don’t and people who could…can’t. Slade is thoughtful, intelligent, and able to provide insight and guidance for nearly every situation. If you are willing to let it all hang out, you are giving yourself one of the greatest gifts by having “Doc" work with you! Coming from a different country and culture, my interactions with him were very helpful in grooming and enhancing my leadership capabilities and experience into a form relevant to the environment in the US business world.
Whatever area of leadership you find yourself in, you’ll find yourself to be a better leader if you implement what he suggests.
Our sessions were one on one and I always left feeling peaceful and re-invigorated about whatever situation was going on in my life. I continue to consciously  use the nuggets of active listening and the power of feedback in my current leadership role and reap the benefits. It will take its toll on you.All change does not represent progress but without change there can be no progress.
This year, Piper retired as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after pastoring there for thirty years. Slade provided coaching to me on my professional career path, conflict resolution, ways to work effectively in a team, and more. Effective change usually begins with the inside-out change…rather than the outside-in change.Let go of yesterday…so you can go to tomorrow.
It’s easier for companies to come up with new ideas…than to let go of old ones.Activate belief. People only change things if they have a high belief there is a reason for that change.Remove barriers. Job number 1 for leaders is to remove barriers that keep your team from executing the plan. Do some serious diligence to clearly define the enemy…what barrier is keeping us from making this change.

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