One Day Leadership Skills Programs Covering Communication, Presentation Skills, Team Building, Decision Making, Delegation, Time Management and more.
One day Public Speaking Programs Covering Voice Culture, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Poise and Body Language. Satish Kakri Consultants has played an active role in the development of soft skills training through innovative programs that cover areas of like Voice, Communication and Behavioral Skills. The vision of Satish Kakri Consultants is to help organisations manage and internalise change.
Training Programs for individuals and smaller groups are available at our Nariman Point corporate training center located in Nariman Point, South Mumbai.

The Company has done pioneering work through its 'Voice Culture and Speaking Skills program that has helped hundreds of people bring about an all round improvement in their voice and communication skills.
Satish Kakri Consultants offers a variety of Corporate Training Programs suited to the requirements of Corporates and Institutions across various sectors. We partner with leading Companies and Institutions to ensure their Human Resources are optimised.
Our training programs cover Communication, Presentation Skills, Time management, Negotiation Skills, Leadership, Public Speaking and more.
Our Management Development Programs cater to areas of individual requirements within the context of the overall organisational requirements.

A corporate can even nominate a single participant to attend such training at our institute. Each corporate training program is customised to suit the training requirements of the organisation concerned.

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