One of the most common questions we get about our AIM change management methodology (also known as the Accelerating Implementation Methodology) is both simple and complex.
So while training is an important and a critical component to building change capacity in your organization, training is not enough.
Instead, it is much more effective to inculcate your change management methodology into the organization on a project by project basis.
If you are introducing the methodology following a project approach, you are able to apply these elements and build Change Agent capacity on something real.
So the bottom line is that introducing a change management methodology is a strategic change that requires a complete implementation plan. So while it is great to build a critical mass of change Champions, these individuals don't have accountability for actually getting the change implemented.
Given the importance of the Change Agent role, it's critically important to build a network of local Change Agents with skills and characteristics we need. Project teams should recognize early on the importance of building this network of Change Agents and ensure these individuals have the skills and knowledge to be successful in this important role.

CrossAsyst provides key decisions in deciding about product and service propositions and their release strategies based on the key elements of the respective business models. The development model followed by CrossAsyst combines and onsite and offsite approach towards development.
CrossAsyst’s flexible engagement model help to strike the right balance between operational efficiency and cost through associated systems and processes that are geared to provide customers with a high level of transparency and full control.
Our software development methodology follows 5 broad stages and ensures collaborative project management and development right from capturing the project requirements, to identifying the technology alternatives based on the time and financial constraint, identifying and grooming project staff, planning, costing, allocating of tasks, and ensuring deployment of the project with high quality and within the stipulated time frame. Used by successful individuals and organizations around the world, Changemethod gives you everything you need to lead, plan, implement, measure and sustain your organizational change program. The processes here measure and track change progress to ensure the value described in the business case for change is being realized. Again, ita€™s important that status-reporting include progress and risks across all 5 measurement dimensions: time, budget, business objectives, technical objectives, and human objectives. The constraints and requirements set by the business model and the development process are reconciliated through release strategy.

It ensures ease of information flow, clarity of objective and accountability, development of high quality, cost effective IT solutions catering to customer’s needs. We employ the six best practices of software development which can be distilled from science and practice.
Like other changes, you run the risk of "installing" the change management methodology but you haven't "implemented" it. You can't train your way to a culture change! And the introduction of a change management methodology is indeed a cultural change.

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