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Turnkey System Integration Overview: IRON has the manufacturing capacity to handle your platform business whether you plan to ship tens, or thousands of units per month. Frame Level System Integration Our engineering staff has extensive design experience with network equipment and systems. System Configuration Management: Electronic component manufacturers regularly switch hardware revisions and firmware in the middle of a production run. BOM and Document Change Management: Iron offers the most advance Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) services that enable engineering, manufacturing and its extended supply chains to work better together—from first prototype to full-scale production to End of Life. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. At Iron every product is properly designed, configured to exact specifications and tested before being packaged and shipped to customers.
IRON provides unique forecasting, software image control, engineering change order, custom configuration management, software builds, and image loads for every OEM platform. We can assist with initial frame design, create assembly and verification procedures, manage and prototype modifications, and ensure compliance with appropriate standards.
On the surface this doesn't sound like a huge issue, but it can be a nightmare for technicians, who end up with different computers in the exact same chassis having the same specifications. Our on-staff quality assurance engineers use quality process control systems and sophisticated tools to build, inspect and evaluate every assembly.
This allows your product development resources to focus on developing new products and confidently leave the rest to us.

The faster next-generation network equipment can be built and deployed, the sooner operating companies can start growing revenues from new services.
Worse yet, it can result in a near-impossible situation when the customer tries to upgrade 1,000 systems with new software only to find that systems with different components behave and perform differently.
Bill of Materials (BOM) Management: Centralize bills of materials (BOMs) ensures that all stakeholders are collaborating around the latest version of product data. Our quality management system is continuously monitored and improved to ensure that all our services and products offer the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our stringent System Integration Services and workflow processes are designed to maintain 99% workmanship quality. Iron Systems offers a full line of services to help you better design, modify, migrate and integrate your products. Iron provides OEMs world-class, comprehensive frame level design and integration services that offer.
Product Documentation Management: Centralize documentation ensures that all stakeholders are collaborating around the latest version of product data. Once the rack is integrated and tested, Iron ships the fully integrated frame in custom packaging that complies with industry standards for arrival at any site, ready for operation.
Quality Policy Statement: The scope of Iron Systems business activity encompasses procurement, manufacturing, engineering and distribution of network equipment and accessories, including software configuration.
From purchasing to program planning to small-lot manufacturing and drop-shipping to customers, we can help you get your products to market by assisting in the time-consuming integration process, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Iron’s advanced Test Plan and Configuration Management Program provides comprehensive management and version controls to track and manage changes to hardware, software, firmware and documentation throughout the computers systems entire product life cycle.

Customer and Supplier Access and Sharing: Provides secure access to OEM customers and suppliers to enable real-time collaboration and ensure that the correct design is always built.
IRON provides unique forecasting, software image control, engineering change order, custom configuration management.
Iron has the ability to scale to meet customers’ needs and can deliver both large and small-run productions of high reliability  systems.
A program manager facilitates this process to ensure third-party and consigned materials are available and to expedite any in-process changes.
Thus systems performance remains predictable and uninterrupted even during periods of hardware and software upgrades.
Engineers and technicians are trained to assemble a wide range of systems from single processor servers to complex servers, storage and blade systems. Iron maintains worldwide manufacturing sites and can scale its production capabilities to meet any low-, medium- or high-volume production need. Our production engineers and assembly technicians are highly trained to build a wide variety of systems - from single-processor appliances to highly complex storage and blade platforms, frames and everything in between. Management will continually seek to improve in these efforts by conducting a frequent measurement analysis, and evaluation of the management of our Quality Department's resources.

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