Many businesses are going through rapid change, driven by a combination of internal and external forces.
Our Change Loop Thinking workshop is a highly facilitative process designed to help guide teams through times of transition.
The output from the workshop also stands the test of time as it provides a reference point that the team can use as it implements change, allowing them to base future decisions on the output they generate during the workshop. This workshop works best with intact teams who are struggling to define vision or define how to make change happen.
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Rather than covering the theory of change management, the workshop is a very practical and structured process for helping teams gain clarity on where they want to get to, to identify the issues that are standing in their way, and to define where to go next. All three components of the formula need to be in place in order to generate enough momentum to bring about lasting change. The process is also repeatable so it can be cascaded down and across the business and applied to different business challenges.

However, the workshop also benefits managers who want to learn some practical tools for managing change. . Lewin Kurt Change theory and this three step model is very much significant part of change management strategies for managing changes in the workplace. This means that the  speed and intensity of change is placing an even greater emphasis on the need to find ways to fully engage people in change.

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