I worked in the consulting arm at a Fortune 500 Tech Company (name hidden to protect the innocent) and we had long pre-sales and sales cycle with incredibly large deals that would span over several years. And while we had spent so much time with our clients, or rather the decision makers for our clients, there was one segment of our customer base that we did not bring into the fold so well – the actual employees that were going to use the new program and tools. A bit of a tragedy is going on keeping on my narrative with the vendor risk management solution. We here at Frame Concepts leverage infographics, process pictograms, interactive kiosk style explanations, animations (explainer videos) and data driven dynamic visualizations to great effect to get the company over the change management hump.
One of the most exciting technology innovations seen each year at the International CES conference are those that help people manage chronic diseases like diabetes.
The Bee from Vigilant attaches to most commercially available insulin dosing pens and connects wirelessly to a smartphone app to track insulin dose amount and time for the patients. Used by successful individuals and organizations around the world, Changemethod gives you everything you need to lead, plan, implement, measure and sustain your organizational change program.
Responsible Roles are – as their name suggests – responsible for executing the work.  They are accountable for its completion.
Contributing Roles are those who may be called upon to contribute in some – for example, providing additional delivery support, subject matter expertise or peer review. Deliverables are the finalized items of documentation – strategies, analyses, plans, completed worksheets etc.

In addition to the core content of processes (what you need to do), roles (who needs to do it) and deliverables (what you need to produce) Changemethod also provides a number of change tools.
The change tools include diagnostic, planning and execution aids ranging from assessment tools to job aids  and checklists.  You can find them in the ‘what help do I have?’ section of each content guide as well as in context around as you navigate around the methodology.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Important questions you must be able to answer when implementing change What’s in it for me? We would sling together some of the sales slides that at least explained some of the merits of the approach and tools.
For in this case there was a solution that represented the best and brightest – leveraging innovative technology assets and a very nuanced understanding of the needs of the financial institution.
In this particular case, in comparison to the fees we charged for the actual solution, what we needed to do is carry on with the theme of innovation and offer innovative training and change management communication tools. Their award-winning tools like the Bee Insulin dose tracking device help diabetes patients manage their illnesses better and keep them healthier than those who may not be using these types of tools.
This is available now and other soon to be released diabetes management tools are coming soon!
This describes the roles that relate to the process.  ‘Responsible Role’ is the one responsible for executing the work, ‘Contributing Roles’ refer to those who may be needed to provide assistance, review, validation etc.

And the craft of information design has now matured enough that it is an effective means to translate the complexities of the new program and tools while getting the employee base excited about the transformational change that is going to take place.
Coming up with new tools to help them effectively manage their illness and stay healthy is one of the goals of many new technology companies.
These are the change program ‘deliverables’ which are either listed as an input into the process or output from the process.  ‘Primary Deliverables’ are crucial to the process whilst ‘Secondary Deliverables’ are useful though not essential. If a large financial institution got a nasty letter from the SEC about certain exposures with an over-reliance on offshore providers, we advise them of the appropriate regulatory concerns and set up a risk framework, and then set up and integrate a global risk vendor management system. This provides a summary description of the process, the main objectives and outcomes as well as a pointer to where along the project timeline it fits in.
And the employees were use to handling this area of concern in a traditional way and anything new really represented saddling them with extra work on top of their real day jobs.

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