Spower Password Reset Tool is a professiona and reliable password program which can help you recover win 7 user password if you forget login password and cannot login win 7. Step 1: Download Spower Windows Password Reset Professional (trial version) and install it in an accessible windows.
To create a Windows password reset USB disk, please refer to How to create a Window password reset USB disk. If you need more information about booting computer from USB drive , please visit How to set computer to boot from USB drive.
If you have multiple Windows system on computer, select the one you want to reset its user password, here we select a windows 7 system. After rebooting, you can login administrator with blank password, so you regain access to you windows 7. After logging on windows, you can use the net user command to change the password for administrator and other account password. If just forget password of a standard user account, the lost password can be reset by other account who has administrator privilege.
Method 1: If the administrator account is a super administrator, use net command to reset an account' password. If you have created a windows 7 password reset disk before forgotten password, you can follow the steps below to create a new password for current user.

Note: If an administrator resets your password, you might lose access to some of your files.
Before using your password program, what I can do is to format my hard drive and reinstall windows if I forget my windows password. This tutorial describes how to reset administrator and other user account password for all Windows 7 editions. Insert the USB disk to the locked computer and set it to boot from the USB by openning BIOS SETUP table and changing the devices boot priority. Website and products are 100% clean and secure which were approved by Norton and McAfee and other. From this article, you will learn 3 effective and simple ways to recover or reset windows 7 password without old password in a few minutes. Wait for a few seconds, Spower Windows Password reset program will start and ready for you. Recommend password software, Spower Windows password reset Professional, Windows Password Rescuer Personal. With Spower windows password software, I can reset my windows 7 password without a password reset disk.
Vodusoft Windows Password Reset Standard can help you reset forgotten Windows local administrator and user password instantly on any kinds of desktop, laptop and tablet.

It descrides how to reset Windows 7 administrator or user password without common reset disk or system CD or system format. When complete burning, about one minute, transfer the USB disk to your locked computer that you want to reset its user account password and follow step 2 and 3.
All Windows 7 user accounts will be displayed and you can reset any user password by just a few clicks. Select Windows 7(If there are more than one system installed on your computer) or skip this step.
You can see the user account password you selected has been reset to blank, this means there is no password for this account now.
Support Windows 7 starter, home basic, home premium, professional, enterprise and ultimate versions.

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