There are many free online website to create Avatars such as Simpson Avatar Generator and FaceYourManga. Yahoo Avatars is one of the products of Yahoo to provide free service for you to create and personalize an avatar to be used in any of the following places on Yahoo for example: Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Answers and etc.
3)      You will see the category tabs such as Appearance to choose for skin color, face, eyes and hairstyle, Apparel to choose different kinds of top or bottom outfits, Extras to try extra accessories such as sunglasses, hats, backpacks; Backgrounds to change normal backgrounds to snow or beach, Branded to feature Yahoo partners such as Pepsi on T-shirt.
4)      As soon as you click on the item that you like, you will immediately see the new look in Avatar Preview Window. 5)      If you want to undo the changes, uncheck them under “What I’m trying on” or click “Clear” to go back to the last-saved changes.
Nowadays, people are frequently using social media network tools such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs to communicate with their friends. The second option is located at right side pane where you can do a onetime export of Yahoo Avatar to your Twitter and Facebook account.

1)      If you create multiple avatars, you can change them in Yahoo Messenger to represent your mood. 2)      When you choose to display an avatar, it will appear on all profiles associated with your Yahoo ID used on Yahoo.
3)      Under the Previewing Changes, there are 5 emotional symbols indicates Happy, Excited, Sad, Angry and Special. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. The great thing about Yahoo Avatars is once you have created the Avatar; you can export the Avatar to your Facebook or Twitter account. Therefore, Yahoo Avatars provides an easier export function to export your created Yahoo Avatar into any of these social network tools. You do not need to create own avatar from the scratch because everything is handled by Yahoo Avatar.

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Auto export will automatically update your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter every time you change your Yahoo Avatar.
If you are looking for to create avatar for Facebook or avatar for Twitter, just use Free Yahoo Avatar and export the avatar to your Facebook and Twitter account.

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