After the contract authoring process is complete, you must manage your contracts on an ongoing basis. You can streamline and control administrative processes, by leveraging functionality that manages updates and changes. You can change one attribute of multiple contracts with a single request using mass change functionality.
Note: Canceled contracts and Entered contracts that contain no lines do not appear in the Mass Change form. The Mass change window allows you to enter the scope of the mass change request and selection criteria. Note: if the billing schedule is defined with Equal Amount or Covered Level, you cannot use Mass Change to modify either the contract start date or the contract end date, as the billing schedule must be adjusted for each individual contract. If you click the Search button, all the contracts that meet the criteria appear in the Result region. Note: You can deselect all contracts by clicking Deselect All or you can select all contracts by clicking Select All. Note: While submitting the mass change request, if one of the requests has an error it will display an error message. After the request is completed, requery the Mass Change request window to view the updated operation status and request information in the Mass Change Operation window.
Your administrator can set a contract to a status that does not allow changes to be made online through the authoring form, but does allow changes through a change request.
If the Active status does not allow online updates, then any changes to the contract would have to go through the change request process. After you complete the contract updates, you can run the contract through the QA Check and if everything passes, the contract status is set back to Active. This person receives a workflow notification when changes are approved and can be applied to the contract. Open the change request notification in your Inbox and confirm no other change requests are in process.
A new version of the contract will be created if that option was selected in the change request.
Note: To change a contract that has been submitted through the change request process to Active status, you can open the change request and click Check Contract on the Admin tab.
After the contract has gone through the approval process, you can update a contract through the Update Online operation, as long as the status and operations definition allows it. From the Service Contracts Authoring window, select the Summary tab and select Open for Update . From the Service Contracts Authoring window, select the Tools menu and select Create New Version. In the Version field, the digit that is in front of the period, or the major version number, increases by one.
Depending on what you select, the Service Contracts Authoring window or the Create Change Request window appears. Full: Product line in Oracle Service Contracts is terminated as of the start date of the product line and a full credit is issued.

Calculated (Partial): Product line in Oracle Service Contracts is terminated as of the return date of the product. None: Product line in Oracle Service Contracts is terminated as of return date and no credit is issued.
If there is a null value and nothing is passed in the parameter raise_credit, then Oracle Service Contracts uses the credit option rule set in the Credit Amount field of the Global Contracts Defaults window. If you define the credit option rule in Global Contracts Defaults, and your administrator sets the OKS: Raise Credit Memo for IB Instance Termination option to Yes, the application uses the values defined in the Global Contracts Defaults. If you need to add more reasons for the status change, your system administrator can add more options in the Lookup Codes.
Note: Certain status transitions are made based upon the start date or end date on a contract or on a contract line. Dead fish are seen floating on the waters of Maninjau lake in West Sumatra province, Indonesia, on Feb.
So the overseas execs at Grupo Santander are finally planning to change the name of their U.S.
There’s a reason why the Royal Bank of Scotland has kept the Citizens Bank name after all these years under the RBS umbrella.
Sovereign has done relatively well in New England since it arrived here more than a decade ago through the antitrust ashes of the BankBoston-Fleet merger.
Santander executives may not realize it, but the name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue for English speakers.
Once Santander completed its acquisition of Sovereign, there was no question that the shots were being called out of an office in Europe, not one in Massachusetts or Pennsylvania. This is what is happening, and has been, regarding banks and international money exchange – bigger and more-far-reaching, and then swallowed by a bigger bank, and so on.
Disguising the name of an international bank to keep customers is already an issue with that bank’s integrity. IF all banks merge to 5 banks around the planet, then I damn well want to know which is making money from my money, and I will choose, as long as I can, the bank with the best service, the best customer care, the best record, and the least mindless selfishness towards humans. Mass change is allowed for contracts that are in appropriate status, where the operation update online is permitted. This form is designed for contract administrators to centrally manage contracts, which are generally in the Active status. For example, if changes are to be made at the operating unit, it will update records pertaining to that operating unit. Making change on a contract has a subsequent cascading effect and therefore needs to be carefully considered before allowing such a change. This provides more control over tracking the changes made to a contract through its life cycle. After a change request has been approved, a notification is sent to the Contract Administrator.
After the change request has been approved, you can open the contract and apply the changes as described in the change request notification. When a product is returned from Oracle Order Management, Oracle Installed Base makes a call to Oracle Service Contracts with the parameter raise_credit, which determines if a full, a partial, or no credit is to be issued.

If your administrator sets the profile option to No, the application does not generate credits. For example, the New Status LOV values for Terminated contract are different from that of an Entered or Active Contract.
This feature allows you to know the termination reason and segregate contracts with similar reasons under New Status. The Boston Globe reported today that Santander is implementing the change to make Santander more of a global brand. Alerting New Englanders that their bank is just a cog in an overseas conglomerate isn’t the best marketing strategy. The crimson-flagged company remains the third-largest retail bank, based on market share, in Massachusetts behind Citizens and Bank of America. But that makes sense when you consider all of B of A’s national ad campaigns, and its broad reach across the country. It may seem small, but I bet there will be some potential customers who avoid the bank simply because they can’t pronounce it.
But that doesn’t mean it makes sense for Santander to constantly remind everyone here of that fact.
But I don’t think that honesty is going to help them get customers, especially not here in New England. Entered contracts, which may have lines and no sublines are essentially acted upon by assigned sales representatives who do not typically need to perform mass changes. The update level is seeded, but may also be restricted by use of the OKS: Mass Change Security Level profile option. To do so, you can run a preview, review the report, then submit it when you are confident the changes are correct. This can be done until all the contracts in the mass change request are successfully processed. After you start editing the contract, you automatically lock the contract for other users with an approved change request. For more information on the Global Contracts Defaults window, see Entering Contract Defaults.
The mass death of the fish is apparently caused by a sudden change of weather condition, according to fishery officials. Santander won’t get a similar benefit when it converts the Sovereign name to Santander because the only retail bank franchise that Santander owns in the U.S.
But the bank essentially had been run out of Boston for years – arguably since local guy Joe Campanelli (now gone from the bank) was promoted to the top job in 2006 but certainly by 2008 when most of its top executives were based here.
Sales representatives are usually managing a limited number of contracts with specific requirements, rather than a large number of contracts that may require mass changes. The bank could have focused on the employees that live and work here, instead of a faraway city on the coast of Spain.

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