Deborah Shane is a Top 100 Small Business Champion, Top Small Business Podcast, Top 50 SMB Influencers on Twitter 2015 (Dunn and Bradstreet), career transition consultant, personal branding strategist and social media specialist.
Martin, I found it fascinating that most of these brands other than Google, have been around for many decades. I would like to say that it is extremely important for a business owner to select a highly effective brand development strategy. You are a tangible artifact, which you create into a brand–an image that lives in the minds of the people you interact with and who come to know you. They have built schools, donated food, supported the Olympics and encouraged educational and philanthropic activities, which is why we want to support them and what we remember them for.

Deborah hosts her Top 100 Small Business Podcast weekly and her book, "Career Transition: Make the Shift" is available through all major book sellers. I checked out the 100 most mentioned brands on Twitter and as a tea & espresso drinker I found it fascinating that Starbucks is number 1.
Staying laser focused on their what, who, why and evolving organically with trends and demographics shifts. Translating who you are and what you do into your marketing vehicles is the big must and challenge for small businesses.
Just be aware of the fact that once you manage to create a well-recognized brand you will become a successful entrepreneur.

I think it is also worth remembering that your uniqueness and authenticity defines you and only you. Keep up the awesome work that you all are doing as well to help people maximize their web reach and brands! Testimonials, pictures, real representation of you and your partner as the people behind the brand is a good goal.

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