Following the question of influence I asked yesterday: Can you really get people to change? Christ-followers should be in transition and transformation until they are taken to heaven! The Complete Project Manager – Change ManagementBy Randall Englund on April 23rd, 2011 Project leaders do not like change any more than followers do unless, of course, it is their idea.
People resist change because of personal loss.  A key obligation of a project manager is to talk to stakeholders about how that change will affect them.
People resist change because they were not part of the decision-making or implementation design process or because of bad timing.
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It seems that by preaching you can get a percentage of the membership to change, but what about long-time members who have heard it all before?
It could be tithing, serving, growing, or the opposite which is to stop doing destructive things like addictions or other sins. This is the reason I started Lit Conferences, to help us all grow in our personal leadership. I believe we can lead people to change behaviors even if they have done it for a long time. This is where we utilize testimonies by showing them how others have been impacted by obedience and have been able to make the change. Randy co-authored Creating an Environment for Successful Projects, Creating the Project Office, Project Sponsorship and The Complete Project Manager.

As leaders in the Church we are called to raise up or disciple others into the image of Jesus.
As an executive consultant, trainer, speaker, and professional facilitator, the Englund Project Management Consultancy helps discover and create organic systems to achieve more from project-based work, using assessment, systemic inquiry, multimedia experiences, and interactive dialogue.

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