The deadly terror attacks in Paris will not lead Canada to change course on its two main policies in relation to Syria: welcoming 25,000 refugees this year and ending Canada’s bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in Turkey Saturday for a meeting of G20 world leaders that is now expected to be dominated by debate over how the international community should respond to the wave of attacks. The only question remaining unanswered today is when another terror attack occurs in Canada, how much blood will be on Liberal hands. His dad mocked the threat by Hitler and the Nazi’s because he said they were an Anglo problem for England and not a issue for the French .
No his idiot son thinks that the islamists are a threat for the Middle east and not the West. Nothing will affect his stance, because he’s an empty vessel that sinister advisors have filled with shit. That could all be solved if only Justin would legalise euthanasia, so the terminally ill, chronically ill or severely depressed could make room for all these refugees who will be such a boom to our economy. Maybe liberal progressives could voluntarily have themselves liquidated to make way for these poor refugees.
ISIS will put a stop to that with pressure cooker bombs right before they send suicide bombers into the gay bars .
Poor Susan G Cole, she refuses to condemn islamic homophobia and has joined the GayStapo Pink Shirts to bash white Christian str8 males as the real threat to gays . She’s a lesbian feminists and jewish , how stupid can one person be to even support the pro-hamas groups in the pride parade .
It made me sick to see the media and the Syrian community try to claim that they are being attacked in Canada by racism and bigotry to be against the 25,000 refugees coming to Canada. This is another ruse by muslims to cry racism and aid in their islamists brothers getting into Canada.
How dare these Syrain muslims play the victim when islam is slaughtering all the christians in their homeland while muslims here have plotted acts of terrorism on us. The media didn’t tell the truth that they got in trouble and then changed their story so Canada would bail them out . This closet al-qaeda supporter was fingered by Omar Khadr for being at a Jihadist training camp in Afghanistan , he denied it but didn’t even show up to give evidence at the Inquiry named after him.
He also didn’t show up as a witness for the 2 other jihadists he siad were in the syrian jail next to his cell and were also using extortion to get money from Canada. Do we need 25,000 more Maher Arar’s that will leave Canada on our Passport to get in trouble and once back in Canada they will sue us. Puppet Trudeau has now stated that the government is considering granting compensation to Omar Khadr. Director Consultant, Warren Knight, has created this useful reference guide to leading effective change initiatives. Now it should have changed the resolution to 1024 X 768 and if it has you will noticed things seem stretched on the screen a little.  To check this go to the Desktop and right-click on it and select Screen Resolution. I hope this gets people able to enjoy the Windows Store (Metro) apps in Windows 8 on some older machines.
Two things here, first you have to follow the instructions and this will only work with the two graphic cards listed. This doesn’t work for me on windows 8.1 Update 1, on a notebook with intel hd graphics 2000, what can I do? I am not sure, make sure you install the driver from Intel and try again, the Microsoft driver seems to lock this out.
I’ve tried downloading the GMA3150 drivers but all I can find are the Windows 7 versions. It is not Microsoft’s website that is the issue, this is a limitation in Windows 8, Microsoft felt that the Metro apps needed at least 1024 X 768, Now I feel like they could have relaxed that to be at least 1024 X 600 but I guess those extra 168 pixels are important. You need to download and install the driver for the Intel GMA 950, that should take care of the issue.
What is your Graphic Adapter and did you install a driver from Intel or just use the one that installed in Windows 8? Use the controls in the far right panel to increase or decrease the number of terms automatically displayed (or to completely turn that feature off). Posted on 22 September 2014 by dana1981As has become the norm for media outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch, just before a half million people participated in the People’s Climate March around the world, The Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece downplaying the risks and threats posed by human-caused global warming.

There is well-justified prudence in accelerating the development of low-emissions technologies and in cost-effective energy-efficiency measures. Any serious discussion of the changing climate must begin by acknowledging not only the scientific certainties but also the uncertainties, especially in projecting the future. The impact today of human activity appears to be comparable to the intrinsic, natural variability of the climate system itself. The fact is that the actual peer-reviewed scientific research shows that (a) the rate of warming over the past century is unprecedented as far back as the 20,000 years paleoclimate scientists are able to extend the record and (b) that warming can ONLY be explained by human influences. Indeed, it is the RATE of warming that presents such risk to human civilization and our environment. Warming is well beyond natural climate variability and projected rates of change are potentially faster than ecosystems, farmers and societies can adapt to without major disruptions.
Koonin primarily focused on the uncertainty in the specific impacts of continued rapid global warming.
Those are the anticipated impacts if we limit global warming to not much above 2°C warming as compared to pre-industrial levels.
The good news is that slowing global warming can be accomplished with minimal economic impact.
As Koonin noted in his piece, risk management is key in determining how to respond to the threats posed by climate change. While uncertainties remain about whether the impacts of climate change will be bad, catastrophic, or somewhere in between, that’s precisely the kind of scenario in which uncertainty is not our friend. Did you know that the RCP 8.5 temperature projections neglect to include positive feedbacks from methane and CO2 releases from melting permafrost?
In his article Koonin states,"For example, human additions to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by the middle of the 21st century are expected to directly shift the atmosphere's natural greenhouse effect by only 1% to 2%."Anyone know what he is referring to when he says one to two percent? The IPCC should produce a forward to the summary for policymakers stating a collective Mea Culpa to future human generations and a return of the Nobel prize as punishment for their fatal type I error aviodance bias.
I only picked up yesterday from a Crikey column that News International's second largest stockholder is Saudi Prince Al- Waleed Bin Talal Al Saud, the Kingdom's wealthiest Prince. CBDunkersonAlbert Bartlett's lecture can never go out of date (other than the data used to illustrate points) because it's based on maths and physical realities. Still there might be doctors afraid of any stigma so the government might want to open public centres where people could anonymously go and where the workers would all be anonymous until it becomes an accepted practice and all the stigma disappears. With so many idealistic young liberal progressives, willing to sacrifice for these poor refugees,( and at the same time in a principled show of sanctimony shake off the chains of white privilege, that they have suffered greatly under)this whole scheme could be done on an industrial scale, going forward. It seems to handle the smaller screen size better.  I have not seen the need for this fix in Windows 10. For now I do hope to drag out some netbooks to revisit this issue and update the article accordingly. So after I have an option for my screen resolution to open my Windows apps however when I try to launch the app it will open and after 2 seconds or more it will go to a blackscreen with curser and will automatically restart.
You will want to get the driver straight from Intel and not the one that installs by default in Windows.
Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. Unfortunately, Koonin’s editorial focused almost exclusively on the remaining uncertainties in climate science. For example, we know that humans are the main cause of the current climate change, responsible for about 100% of the global warming since 1950. Many details remain to be settled, and weather and natural variability will always mask some effects, especially regionally. However, he glossed over the fact that those uncertainties range from generally bad impacts to potentially catastrophic impacts.
Accomplishing that would require intensive efforts to reduce human greenhouse gas emissions, and if we fail, the consequence will be far worse.
In fact, economic research consistently shows that reducing greenhouse gas emissions, if done right, is far cheaper than paying for the damages caused by unabated climate change.
On the one hand, we have a threat to the entire global climate on which every species on Earth relies, which humans are in the process of destabilizing at a rate more rapid than many species can adapt.
However, numerous studies have found that if done right, those policies can grow the economy, and will certainly be cheaper than paying for the damages of unabated climate change.

When faced with a risk to something so important, humans are usually smart enough to take action to manage that risk.
Two recent studies by the New Climate Economy Project and the International Monetary Fund likewise found that reducing carbon pollution could grow the economy, as summarized by The Guardian."That's delusional. Saudi Arabia's official International position is not unalighned to the current News Corp editorial policy.
A 5-year review found that the province had reduced carbon emissions by 17%, with no discernable difference in GDP growth from the rest of Canada. Growth destroys the environment, as we've seen, but growth can't continue indefinitely, even if we could figure out how to grow without destroying the environment. Post #8 is correct because Koonin really is looking at the downward radiation as the greenhouse effect, not the difference between the upward surface radiation and that at the top of the atmosphere.
As soon as I read JoeT's comment and followed it to the original, I realized that Koonin was making a rookie mistake. I have to admit that I went to the Watts reference first, but was reassured that it was a Robert from Tulane, not an Anthony from nowhere. Before you go you could stock your fridges and cupboards with welcoming edibles for the new occupants of your house and life. Even in a best case scenario, climate science research indicates that we anticipate experiencing widespread coral mortality, hundreds of millions of people at risk of increased water stress, more damage from droughts and heat waves and floods, up to 30% of global species at risk for extinction, and declined global food production, for example.
For example, we buy home insurance, we wear seat belts, and fewer people now smoke than in previous generations who were unaware of the associated risks. According to this scenario, the resources of organic matter released as a result of thawing of longterm permafrost ground by the end of the 21st century exceed 100 Gt C. Fred Singer, Richard Lindzen, and other contrarians with little to no recent publication and an extensive history of being wrong - or indeed, to any mish-mash of scientists Koonin personally felt were sufficiently notable to describe as "leading". Growing the economy and tackling climate change are incompatible, as Kevin Anderson has shown. The price of solar energy is irrelevant to this, though I doubt the world could convert to solar, due to resource issues and emissions of solar panel production.
I finally came across an article with footnotes in which Koonin explains his reasoning on the CUSP website of which Koonin is the director .
More broadly, economic growh destroys the environment, as the late Albert Bartlett so expertly pointed out. If it could, the world would have to operate on a much lower EROEI, so growth would end anyway.
As a member of the American Physical Society myself, it concerns me greatly that Koonin is (or was?) the chair of the APS committee tasked with rewriting the orgranization's position on climate change. The recommended resolution is better, but raising the resolution is necessary for the apps to work. I don't recall seeing Skeptical Science, or indeed any other science-based online source, rely on any of them for climate information outside their domains of expertise, although one could readily - and legitimately - include interesting or insightful things they have to say that illuminates the science. For example, in 1979, Newell and Dopplick published a paper reporting a much lower CO2 sensitivity than other papers had been suggesting. At any rate I do not see any justification for your apparent claim of tu quoque.(*) For instance, I wouldn't want to spend substantial parts of an op-ed I wrote just naming scientists I spoke to.
By 2020, it will be obvious that either nothing will be done about the problem or that doing something about it unacceptably harms economic growth.KR,As I understand it British Columbia was already on a downward track with emissions, before introducing that tax, so it's unclear what the impact of the tax has been, or how it has affected emissions in surrounding regions.
In 1980, Watts published a comment, pointing out the errors (including the mistake of looking at surface energy balances). It has been obvious to me for a few years now that these changes would inevitably make fossil fuels no longer cost competitive.
I'd welcome a revenue neutral carbon tax but it isn't likely, on it's own, to reduce emissions by the 10% per year needed to have half a chance (not 100% chance) of not exceeding the very dangerous level of 2C, though we'd breeze through the dangerous level of 1C. He can clearly be scientific on other topics, but on climate change he's a pseudo-skeptic or dismissive.

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