As for the handy tools, prepare wrenches that fit the size of your oil filter and oil drain plug. I was going to make my own do-it-yourself (DIY) for this, but found this video on the subject and figured it was better than anything I would do.  I might still make my own attempt at it, but this video is far better. Apart from the financial advantages brought by the skill, regularly changing your car engine oil keeps the engines clean and functioning efficiently. Sizes of drain plugs and oil filters differ with the car make and model so make sure that you have your wrenches in the correct size. Once you have the oil filter installed and the oil tank sealed, you may now put the new engine oil through the lubricant depository.
The general health of the engine depends on the oil in the same way your body depends on your blood.

You may also use a platform or drive on ramp where you can put the car on so that there is enough space for you to move.
Make sure that the wrench tightly grips the filter and twist it in counter clockwise motion.
Ensuring that your car engine runs on clean oil will let extend the life expectancy of your car. Make sure that it has the right viscosity and the correct grade according to API (American Petroleum Institute). Always make sure that the car is on a flat surface to ensure that the used oil is drained completely. Once you find the drain plug on the bottom edge, put the container where you will put the used oil.

Be sure to follow the specifications regarding tightness: this information is available in the user manual. Once you are sure that there are no leaks, turn the engine off and check the level of the engine oil. If you are not sure about the correct points where to put the jack, you may ask a mechanic.

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