In this case you have to find the lost password first and then do as what I told in part one.
Click "Add" and the program will automatically help you locate and import the destination file.
You have three types of attacks to choose for the program to reset iPhone backup password, namely Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. All goes well, you will get your password in only a few minutes and then you could use it to reset iPhone backup password as I told in part one. At Windows login screen you can see a list of user accounts with a small picture next to each one.
Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 and Windows 8 don’t include an option to change the account picture from the User Accounts applet in Control Panel. After changing the account picture, you might later find that there is no option to restore the profile picture to default.
If you changed your Windows user account picture several times, the previous account pictures will also be shown on the right side of your current account picture. Type the following path at the address bar, replacing username with the name of your Windows account. I’ve been tasked with resetting the passwords on all users (about 2000 users) in an OU in Active Directory. There may be times when you need to bulk reset user passwords in a domain or OU, or change account attributes across user groups, such as force all users in Active Directory to change their password at next login. Password Control is a time-saver freeware that makes it easy for helpdesk staff to reset passwords for all Active Directory user accounts. Under Bulk Password Control dialog, click on the File menu and select Get Users and From OU. The powerful searching interface allows you to select user accounts based on a variety of options.
If you want to reset the passwords of all user account to one single password, un-check the Generate a unique password for each user option, type your desired password.
You can also click on the Unlock Accounts button to unlock the AD user which are locked out.
If you forgot your XP password and cannot enter your computer, your work and studies are surly affected, what you lost is not only "password", but also precious time.

Turn on the locked XP computer and keep pressing "Del" or "F2" while the computer is initializing. Note : There is no standard interface for the BIOS setup program - the interface depends on the BIOS manufacturer. Select the Windows installation you would like to change the password, and then choose "Reset your password".
Tips: If you forgot the AD administrator password and get locked out of your domain controller, you can reset the password by booting your server to PCUnlocker Live CD. Using both Get-ADUser and Set-ADUser commands you can force all domain user accounts in a OU to change their passwords at next logon.
The following command will force all users in the IT department to change password on login. After executing the PowerShell command and all your users will be forced to change their own password on their next restart. A restart will be required to complete the name change, and after that, you’re all set! You will be prompted to restart your PC to apply your new settings, click on Restart Now to proceed. In the Command Prompt, you can use the WMIC computersystem command to change your computer name easily, assuming you know the current computer name. Replace current_pc_name with your current computer name, and new_pc_name with your desired new computer name. And to protect personal and confidential information, Apple allows us to set password for the backup files. Click "Change Password" and fill in all the blanks in the popup window to reset iPhone backup password. To find the lost iPhone backup password we have nothing to do but use a third party program. Actually, the same account picture is also shown at the top of the Start menu (or Start screen), and you can click it to log off and switch user accounts. If you want to delete that folder, you need to firstly take ownership of the folder using the freeware TakeOwnershipPro.
By click on the Modify Attributes button, you can bulk change various account attributes such as Password never expires, User must change password at next logon, update of phone numbers and additional information, etc.

I know from experience that writing scripts to bulk change user passwords is quite complex and time consuming. Of course, you can hire some computer expert to crack it for you, but it cost a lot of money and risk of privacy leakage. And type the password in the "New Password" box (Note: New password was changed to Re123456 by default, which you can edit it by yourself).
Simply open Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in (DSA.MSC) by selecting Start -> Administrative Tools -> Active Directory Users and Computers, and locate your desired AD user.
In this post I will show how to use a simple Powershell script to force all AD user accounts to change their password at next logon. Whatever the reason you want to rename your computer, here’s our step-by-step tutorial on how to change computer name in Windows 10, from Control Panel, PC Settings and Command Prompt.
This command can also be used from a batch file to rename any Windows computer, including domain-joined machines. The most easy to use and efficient one I found is iPhone Backup Password Reset, a professional program specially designed for users to find their lost or forgotten iPhone backup password. For example, if you want to use the Dictionary Attack the steps to operate are shown in the following pictures.
You can also re-install Windows, but this is an unstable method because you'll lose most of your files and data, not to mention that it is very time consuming. But this gives us another problem: What if want to reset iPhone backup password or you forgot password for backing up iPhone and have to reset it?
Now insert this password reset disk into the locked XP computer which you want to recover password. I chose the dictionary attack and it successfully recovered my password in just a few minutes.

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