News, Articles & Tutorials covering computers, windows, software, hardware, gadgets and mobile phone. Some readers may have experienced after changing motherboard in Windows XP it will go to bluescreen of death(BSOD).
Insert Windows XP CD, restart the computer, enter into Bios configuration and set your computer to boot from CD. You will be asked to enter the Administrator password, enter the password; but if you do not set any password just press Enter.
Turn off the computer, replace the motherboard or processor with the new one and then restart your computer, Windows XP will start without displaying Blue Screen and will reinstall hardware drivers on your computer. Note: For Windows 7 you do not have to do this, because Windows 7 will automatically reinstall drivers if you replace the motherboard or processor without having to experience the Blue Screen of Death.
The jetways etc operates smoothtly, even though I need to set up the numbers for my Aerosoft Airbus (it works perfect with GSX though, but the SODE jetways cannot find the correct numbers. So, I have looked more into the SODE-thingy and I just can't get the grip on how to dock the jetway correct. The installer did not give me alternatives regarding textures, it went through installation into Prepar3D v3 in one process. Finally I can tell you, that it works now, I made another deinstallation, rebooted computer, reinstalled it, now it works properly. Uwazam ze Staszek robi swietna robote ze sceneriami I jak kupujesz product z DD to jest on w pelni funkcjonalny(chodzi o uzywanie rekawow programme Sode).Czapki z glow! No to juz raczej czapka z glowy dla Jeffreya, ktory tworzy SODE bez gratyfikacji finansowej - przy czym robi to z ogromna wiedza informatyczna i regularnie publikuje nowsze wersje. If you want to a good professional life, then you must know how to Tie different styles of Shoelaces. Logon security of windows screen is an important feature in desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. There are lots of ways to wear your scarf, some ideas on how to style your look this winter.
The new year is coming, so I want to share with you new year 2015 Calendar included Pakistani Holidays. If your internet downloading speed is correct, but the web page browsing is very slow, so do not worry.
Now you can make your PC i5 or i7 for your Default Pentium 4, Dual Core and Core2Duo for More Speed. And i'd like to have more control in tuning the processor, so i replacing the Ms8 with Helix C DSP. They have a firmware fix and a tool to refresh the drive and restore the speed, its free to download. In case you still have issues, run defrag on it and then a checkdisk with both boxes checked and reboot and leave it to run overnight.
Run chkdsk and force it to run a defrag on the drive before you go through all that trouble. Make sure your drive is plugged into a SATA III 6Gbps port on your motherboard, and not a SATA III 3Gbps port. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. What I did was: I enabled the GUI of Virtual box to see that it was waiting for input on startup to select whether I wanted to boot directly to ubuntu or safemode etc. When you are stuck with your vagrant machine the way described above there is no need to boot in gui mode (and is impossible without an X server).
While your VM is booting, in a separate terminal window, just find out the id of the running machine. Therefore, first try to let vagrant timeout COMPLETELY before concluding that there is a fault.
If vagrant times out completely then increase the timeout limit in the vagrant file to a few min and try again. If that still doesnt work, then try to clean boot your vagrant machine through the VirtualBox interface and enable the GUI of the machine beforehand. Delete the ubuntu image files in the Vagrant Images folder in the user folder and redownload and install. In my case even if GUI was displayed I got black screen (no errors or possibility to login or anything else) and in console I got the Error: Connection timeout. Although I had no errors in VirtualPC (no warnings that VT-x is not enabled) my V icon was earlier gray so it means the VT-x was disabled. Finally I realized the problem might by HYPER-V which I also installed and enabled to test sites on older Internet Explorer. I wasted a lot of time solving this issue (and many PC restarts) so I hope this might be helpful to anyone that have problem on Windows - make sure you have Hyper-V turned off in your Control Panel. Warning: Enabling Hyper-V will cause VirtualBox, VMware, and any other virtualization technology to no longer work.
I had an issue with this with an existing box (not sure what changed), but I could connect via SSH, even though the Vagrant box failed to boot up. From the vagrant root folder I ran vagrant ssh-config which told me where the key file was. Maybe this is too simple an answer to help a lot of people, but worth trying if you haven't: Do a "vagrant halt" instead of a "vagrant suspend" then restart the VM with "vagrant up".
I think my problem was due to some "kworker" process getting buggy and constantly timing out in the VM and so doing a hard reboot seemed to reload the process correctly whereas a save and restore was just restoring the broken process in its broken state.
Product feedback, product documentation feedback, feature suggestions, and general observations. Distributed or local n-dimensional arrays and associated operations on either a local multi-core systems or Windows Azure. A programming model that shields end-users from the complexities of developing distributed, multi-node, applications.

This local distributed programming experience facilitates developing and running distributed applications that exercise the same code on your multi-core PC that would run on Windows Azure clusters.
A configuration utility, Visual Studio project template, and workflow for deploying applications to Windows Azure. Elementary mathematics methods, operators, query methods, transformations, array manipulators, and reductions. Algorithms and techniques for matrix operations, decompositions, and solvers of systems of linear equations. Probability density, probability distribution, statistical inference and regression, data processing, machine learning, and descriptive statistics functions.
Methods for controlling and performing “embarrassingly parallel” data parallel operations over distributed arrays.
Distributed and non-distributed n-dimensional arrays and the operators and functions to manipulate them.
Ability to spread out your computation as well as your data over many cores in Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) fashion.
Ability to invoke user-defined methods in parallel in Single Program Mulitple Data (SPMD) fashion using the Apply Framework.
A development environment where you can design, test, and iterate over your algorithms before you deploy and scale them out on Azure.
Using Data for tips and code examples helpful for working with, casting, and loading arrays. Ability to spread out your computation as well as your data in Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) fashion. Access to large scale staging, backup, or production environment resources, which can access SQL Azure data.
Using Data for tips and example code helpful for working with, casting, and loading arrays, and creating arrays from Windows Azure blob storage.
To run code that uses “Cloud Numerics” libraries on the Windows Azure cloud, ensure that you have the following software installed on your local development machine. You develop your C# application and deploy your Azure package containing this application to the cloud using Visual Studio. For this lab release, you must install Windows Azure SDK to the default destination folder. For this lab release, you must install the Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK to the default destination folder. For this lab release, you must install Windows HPC Pack 2008 with Client Utilities to the default destination folder. The following table lists the additional requirements you need to run your application using the “Cloud Numerics” distributed runtime libraries using the MPI-based local distributed libraries. In order to connect from your local development machine to Azure, you need to generate a .cer file and upload it to your Azure account. Depending on your site IT policy, you might need a gateway client in order to set up a connection with the Azure Storage service. After you satisfy the software and platform requirements, you can install the Microsoft codename “Cloud Numerics” software.
Math, Statistics, and Signal Processing libraries as managed Dynamically Linked Library (DLL) files.
DLLs for initializing and running jobs on Windows Azure used by the Math, Signal, and Statistics libraries. The registration confirmation e-mail contains a hyperlink to the latest “Cloud Numerics” lab distribution media.
After you satisfy the software and platform requirements, you can install the “Cloud Numerics” software. This section outlines the typical programming model and sequence for writing distributed applications.
You can develop, test, debug, and refine you application and algorithms on a local development system such as a many-processor or multi-core workstation or laptop. If you have not already built parallel programming into your code, look for cases where data or execution can be distributed over processors.
When you run in your development environment, you typically exercise your application on smaller sets of computation or data.
To ensure the highest performance and to avoid blocking, ensure all input and output are read from or written to files or blobs. Ensure you capture your output data and execution state when catching an exception and before program exit. Numerics" Deployment Utility is detailed in the section titled Run a Distributed Application over an Azure Cluster.
The final step is to get your results data from blob storage, filter it, and visualize it using your favorite visualization tool such as Microsoft Excel.
If you use a Windows Azure Trial subscription, you will be limited to using two Windows Azure nodes for your cluster.
To run your distributed application on a local multi-core machine, complete the steps detailed in this section.
The default number of cores for running locally is one, which as you develop your application is the easiest to debug.
When you run for the first time in this mode, you might see an access message from Windows Firewall.
You can find instructions on how to get an Azure subscription in the section titled Get an Azure Subscription and Step 1: Get an Azure Subscription ID.
The Cloud Numerics Deployment Utility prepopulates a Visual Studio project pre-configured for the Mixed Platforms build configuration setting.
Provide the username and password for an existing Windows Azure service account where you will create your Azure cluster, or create a new service account.
Specify your cluster characteristics such as the number of nodes to run on, or accept the default values.

Provide the username and password for an existing SQL Azure database or create a new database instance. You can get results either through the Azure Deployment Utility or through the Azure Management Console. Proceed to the next section titled Step 2: Create a Numerics Project and Launch the Azure Deployment. From the Azure Account tab, type in your Azure subscription ID you copied from the Azure Management Console. Get a certificate (.cer) file for authentication of your remote machine with the Azure Management Console by either using an existing certificate file or by creating a new one.
Browse the file system and select an existing certificate file, or Click on the Create button (creates a new certificate). Change the default friendly name in the Certificate Name text field to a unique and easy-to-identify name that you will recognize later. Browse to the directory where you want to create the certificate file and specify a name for the output file. If the Add Certificate icon is grayed out indicating that it is not enabled, you might have reached the limit of certificates you can upload for this account. Open to select it, and click OK in the Add New Management Certificate dialog to upload it to your Azure account.
Type in the name of an existing service name associated with the current Azure subscription.
Fear not my friend this tutorial will allow you to change motherboard without reinstalling Windows XP or doing recovery. After you reboot, Windows XP will detect new hardware and then you simply insert the CD driver then the installation process is complete.
Very soon the newest version of SODE will be published featuring full integration of a realistic VGDS and jetways making it a top-realistic experience. I've checked the Aircraft.cfg and it looks all OK (as I expected, the default jetways have no problem). But for some reason Windows becomes corrupted or slow, then becomes necessary to reinstall Windows. I like the fact that it doesn't need any kind of crossover and doesn't eat an extra pair of amplifier-channels. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. All it took was a firmware update to fix (or two in samsung's case) Might save you some cash too! If you go to the Performance Optimization tab, there should now be a second tab within that menu called Advanced Optimization. This is done by sending it the enter key, which you can either do using the GUI, or by using vboxmanage which the command line interface for VirtualBox. After hours of searching I finally found a tip to see if the BIOS had Hardware Virtualisation was enabled.
Last resorts: Format your computer, reinstall windows and buy an intel core isomething processor. Click Sign In to add the tip, solution, correction or comment that will help other users.Report inappropriate content using these instructions.
Leverage and extend a programming paradigm that allows you to develop applications that execute across multiple nodes. This lab exercised a subset of array math functions over 32 Windows Azure nodes (256 cores).
Mathematics, statistics, linear algebra, signal processing, and time series analysis coverage. Modify the sample program, or copy a distributed example over the sample program, build it, and run it. You will begin to pay for Windows Azure time only when your cluster is deployed, using one or more cores, and in the created state. After you see the Installation Complete screen, restart your machine, and proceed to the next section titled Getting Started: Deploy and Run a Sample Application.
For example, search your program for interactive prompts or methods such as Console.ReadLine. Passing null inputs to distributed functions will trigger a null-argument exception (ArgumentNullException).
This occurs in local distributed mode due to interprocess communication between cores on your machine in the form of network calls to localhost. This will make the Add Certificate icon active (not grayed out) and enable you to add your certificate. EDIT: Even after solving problem number 1, I still cannot see any guidance systems at the gates. And oh, I forgot to mention; This is probably gonna be one of my favourites when it comes to sceneries. I turned off Hyper-V, restarted PC and after running Virtual Box and vagrant up I finally had no errors, in GUI I have login screen and my V icon stopped to be gray.
I made sure I had VT-x (virtualization) enabled in BIOS, I checked many combinations of versions of both Virtual Box and Vagrant together and many Vagrant boxes (for some of them I didn't have black screen in GUI but still have connection problems). A Visual Studio project type that includes a project template, a sample application, and logic for configuring and deploying your application to Windows Azure. Finally I've updated VirtualBox and Vagrant again to the last versions and the problem still occurred. Reading about that firmware it seems it was a limited release to see how it worked for the 840 evos.

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