Sweat not my friend, as Windows 10 makes it super easy to tinker with the desktop resolution. Tweaking the desktop screen resolution in Windows 10 is a routine thing, and takes nothing more than a couple of seconds.
Step 1: Launch the modern UI Settings (what else?) app, and click on the System sub-module.
Step 2: From the left pane, click Display to have its associated options show up in the facing right pane. The ability to easily change the screen resolution just goes on to show the user-friendliness of Windows 10.
You will need to click on the a€?2a€™ monitor icon which represents your secondary monitor and then add a check to the a€?Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitora€™ tick box.
Right click on your Windows desktop and then select a€?Display Settingsa€™ from the a€?Personalize appearance and settingsa€™ window.

You will now be presented with a a€?Display Settingsa€™ dialog box similar to that for Windows XP.
In Windows 7 there are two ways to access control of multiple monitor configuration.The usual way as for Windows XP and Windows Vista is simply to right click on a blank area of your desktop and select a€?Screen resolutiona€™.
You will now be presented with the a€?Change the appearance of your displaysa€™ dialog box. Now, we mentioned earlier in this article that before you can set up dual monitors you need to confirm that your graphics card has 2 outputs. In any case, mentioned below is an explanatory walk-through, which should take care of everything from start to finish.
Finally, use the drop-down menu corresponding to the Resolution option to select the desired screen resolution, and hit the Apply button.
Setting up multiple monitors is just as easy as setting up dual monitors with Windows and we detail some options for this later on in this article.Once setup, you can open up your applications and, by making sure they are not maximised on the screen, you can drag and drop them to the screen of your choice then maximize and it will fit that screen!

Immediate access to configuration which makes multiple monitors, laptop screen extension and projector additions a snap! That being said, I’m sure you all are pretty familiar with the term “screen resolution,” which effectively determines how the various UI elements appear on the desktop.
Spring over to the other side of the break to find out how to change screen resolution in Windows 10.
Now, Windows 10 can automatically detect (and set) the recommended screen resolution for your computer’s display.
But there might be times when you want to use a non-standard resolution (say, for playing a graphically intensive game), even though temporarily?

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